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Saturday morning, October 4 Starting at 10AM

LOCATION: At the house on Burke St. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

DIRECTIONS: In Grand Rapids take I-196 east off of US-131 approx. 2 miles to the Fuller Ave. exit # 79, go north on Fuller approx. ½ mile to Maybelle St. turn west (left) 1 block to Burke St. then turn north (right) ½ block. (Kent Co.)

TERMS: Cash or good check. VISA or Master Card with 3% service fee. We subscribe to Check Alert Inc.

 Due to the death of my husband, Al Baron, I have decided to sell his gun collection, hunting items, reloading equipment,  tools, photography equipment and other items at public auction. I invite all to attend my auction and appreciate you time.

Thank you, Bernice Baron

NOTE: Folks, Al Baron was an avid hunter and gun enthusiast. He was a life long member of the West Walker Sportsman Club and a regular at the Grand Rapids Rifle and Pistol Club. A WWII Pacific War veteran and lifelong area resident. He also was a photographer and ammo re-loader. This will be a most interesting auction, make plans to be here. The guns will not be on site until Sat. morning at 9:AM for inspection. Of course you will need a permit to purchase the hand guns, and you will need pictured ID and a signature to purchase the long guns, no exceptions.  The guns will sell at approx. 11AM.


#101 N. R. Davis 20 ga. single shot shotgun # 3503
#102 Smith Corona O3A3, 30-06 bolt action # 4801489
#103 Japanese service sword WWII vintage
#104 Winchester 225, .22 mag. lever action # 445019
#105 Crossman air rifle
#106 Remington 513T, .22 bolt action NSN
#107 Arisaka type 38 bolt action military rifle with bayonet # 4389
#108 Arisaka type 38 bolt action military rifle, aircraft site with bayonet # 24217
#109 Springfield A303, 30-06 bolt action, Rem. Manufacture, # 4056156
#110 Sturm Ruger 10/22 carbine .22 semi-auto with scope # 12009700
#111 Winchester 70 30-06 bolt with scope # 79430
#112 Winchester 70 .22 Hornet bolt action, Sedgley safety. NRA # 49663
#113 1917 Enfield sporterized bolt action # 561027
#114 Winchester 70, .270 WCF  bolt action # 132104
#115 Smith & Wesson 1000 12 ga. semi-auto slug gun # FB80086
#116 Winchester 70, 458 Win. Mag. bolt action Super Grade Safari # 369636
#117 Target scope 12 X # 76388
#118 Target scope in box
#119 Weaver scope IK-6 in box


#1 Colt Officers target, .38 cal. revolver # 650534
#2 Colt Woodsman Match Target .22 cal. semi-auto # MT11183
#3 Colt Auto .45 cal. auto-load # C223847
#4 Colt Auto-Commander .45 cal. auto-load # 13488-LW
#5 Remington-Rand M1911A1, .45 cal. auto-load # 1281974
#6 Hi-Standard Supermatic Target, .22 cal. auto-load # 485506
#7 Colt Detective Special .38 cal. revolver # 494821
#8 Smith & Wesson Kit Gun 34, .22 cal. revolver # 43989
#9 Smith & Wesson 29, .44 mag. revolver # 5180211
#10 Japanese 1926 Nambu, .9MM revolver # 4051
#11 Marksman Pellet, .177 pellet gun # 93340521
#12 Smith & Wesson 617, .22 cal. revolver # BRA1548
#13 SPH Springfield Armory 1911A1, .45 cal. auto-load # N309930
#14 FAC Freedom Arms 252, .22 cal. revolver with 10” bbl # G0705
#15 CLT Colt Diamond Back, .38 cal. revolver # 565182
#16 Smith & Wesson 686-4, .357 mag. revolver # BRM 9522
#17 CLT Cold Cup, .45 cal. auto-load # FN04749R
#18 J.C. Stevens .22 cal. single-shot


Dillon Precision Mod. RL 1050 reloader
Hunting clothes
Jack knives
Ear protectors
Argus spotting scope
Shakespear “Wonder Rod”
Berkley rod & reel
Other fishing gear
Gun stock
Coleman lanterns
Folding camp chairs
Much, MUCH reloading supplies
Lead bullets
Approx. 20 wood ammo boxes
Many many cartridge boxes
1000’s of brass shell casings
Pounds and pounds of lead
Much ammo
Several bullet molds
Deer antlers
Wood gun cleaning rods
2 burner LP hot plate on stand
Much much more!!


 Kodak timer
“Sliver Screen” 54” X 59”
Photo dryer
# 7 Camera with range finder
Kodak  Master View camera
Several camera tripods
Slide projector
Rolleicord camera in leather case with many accessories
Several large professional cameras, most in cases with accessories
Dark room equipment
Photography lights
Photography supplies

NOTE: Mr. Baron was very active in photography from the late 1950’s thru late 1970’s


 Framed pictures & prints
Poinsettia silverware in wood case
Jewelry box
4 piece bedroom outfit with twin beds
WWII wool army coat
WWII army gun cleaning rod
Knee hole desk
Microscope in wood case with accessories
Brass blow torch
Cross cut saw
OAK arm chair
OAK rocker
Upholstered arm chair
Unusual leather stool
Cigar boxes
Wood boxes
Porcelain top cabinet
OAK 4 turned leg library table
Wood planes
Glass door book shelf
(4) wood chairs
LP records
Walnut table
Tall mirror with seat
22” X 60” piece of marble
OAK office chair


Metal folding camp table
Bench grinder
Paint sprayer
Copping saws
Organizers full
Electric sanders
Magnifying bench light
Adjust-a-volt Variable transformer
(2) battery chargers
Garden sprayer
Metal desk
Garden hose
Hand tools
Tapered drills
Dermal tool
Power tools
Drill bits
Lead pots
Motor oil
Pipe wrenches
Typewriter stands
5 drawer file
Jack stands
Paint supplies
Air compressor
Scrap wire
MTD gas walk behind lawn edger
Step ladder
Saw horses
VCR tapesRakes, hoes, shovels etc

Plus More!

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