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Saturday August 22 @ 10:00AM

(Guns @ 12: noon)


LOCATION: Dutton Christian Middle School

6729 Hanna Lake Ave, Caledonia, MI 49316.


DIRECTIONS: US-131 South of Grand Rapids or north of Kalamazoo to exit # 76, (68th St.) east 5 miles to Hanna Lake Ave. north 100 yards OR from Lansing area take I-96 west to the Holland / M-6 exit # 46, south and west 4 miles to the M-37 exit # 15, south 1 ½ mile to 68th St., west 3 miles to Hanna Lake Ave. and north 100 yards to the Dutton Christian Middle School and this nice one owner SPORTSMAN’S AUCTION!!


This is a private collection, one owner, no consignments!

No out of state sales!


NOTE:  This will be a most interesting auction for the military collector, shooter, gun collector or outdoor sportsman!! We will start at 10:00 AM with the collectibles and ammo and then at 12:00 NOON we will sell the firearms. Be sure to have your purchase permits, less than 10 days old, or your CCW for purchase of handguns. Firearms will sell in cataloged order as listed below. Everything is in very nice condition. There are many items not list, so make plans to be in Dutton for the start of this very nice auction offering.



1000’s & 1000’s of rounds of ammo

Boxes and cases of ammunition to include 12, 16 & 20 gauge in slug and field shot. 338 Win. Mag. 7.62 Swiss, 8MM Styer, (Nazi marked in boxes with clips, also Nazi marked)

7.62 X 54 boxes and cases, 7.62 X 39 boxes and cases, 308 auto, 7MM, 8MM, many sardine cans of military and much more!!!   Many hard to find.




Dozens of ammo boxes & 

Knives hunting and jack knives, Winchester & Colt

Many gun cases,




Military collectibles,

Civil War bayonet,

Laser sights,

Marbles gun cleaning kit,

Gun & military books,


Tactical gun cases,


Ice fishing equipment,

Coleman lanterns,


1949 Doehler Army footlocker with clothes,

WWII Defiance lantern

Winchester all purpose tool

Precision Miniatures of Historic weapons in original box

Military combat helmets,

US-Camo flack jackets,

Two Budweiser boxed limited edition magnum and 4 glass set commemorative to new millennium


Ice fishing boxes

Stamp collection in album,

Proof Replicas of US stamps in leather case,

Hand tied flies

Western Super X 30-40 Craig ammo


GI boots



Line trimmer,

Leaf blower,

Shop Smith band saw,


100’s of items not listed!!!



GUNS: (Selling in cataloged order @ 12: NOON!



  1. Devastator Crossbow, like new, 150 pound, with case and scope. 36 new arrows with broad heads and target points. Like new.


  1. Remington 870 Magnum, 12 gauge pump, rifled barrel with scope, field barrel with three chokes, Contico hard case and owners’ manuals. SN B339829M


  1. French MAS Mle 1949-1956, 7.5 caliber, semi auto, 4 clips, cleaning kit, grenade launcher, bayonet, sling and Vanguard hard case. SN H05399


  1. Russian M91/30 Sniper Rifle, 7.62 X 54 caliber, bolt action, sling, scope and cover, original markings and crest, numbers match. SN 2128


  1. Italian Carcano, 7.35 caliber, bolt action, with sling. SN P2757


  1. German Styer M-95, 8 MM Styer, bolt action, straight pull, matching numbers. SN 8678W


  1. Winchester Model 70, 22-250 caliber, bolt action, Weaver scope and rings. SN 891184


  1. Savage Model 111, 7 MM Magnum, bolt action, World Class 3X9X40 scope. SN 439815


  1. Du Biel Arms – Sherman Texas, 270 Winchester, bolt action, 3X9X40 scope, laminated wood stock with thumb hole. These firearms are produced in limited quantity. Built for accuracy and beauty. SN 1004


  1. British Enfield 303 caliber, bolt action, synthetic stock, sling, Charles Daily scope w/ original box. SN 81555.


  1. Parker Hale – Birmingham England, 270 Winchester, bolt action, Gold Trigger. SN R57716


  1. Remington and Sons, 22 long rifle, semi auto, manlicker stock, breach loading self loader, Weaver scope. SN none


  1. Savage Model 720, semi auto 12 gauge, variable choke. SN 49697


  1. Strum Ruger Mini 14, .223 caliber, semi auto, comes with factory and one 30 round clip. SN 184-09710


  1. NIB Savage Model 64, semi auto 22 long rifle, Simmons 4X15 scope. SN 1180471


  1. Romanian Droganov Sniper Rifle, 7.62X54, Semi auto, two 10 round clips, muzzle brake, LPS 4X62 scope. SN Gun-L4095, scope 02730


  1. British Enfield, 303 caliber, bolt action, crown stamped receiver. SN N4881


  1. Springfield Model 187S, semi auto 22 long rifle, sling, Universal 3X7X20 scope. SN 943844


  1. O. F. Mossberg and Sons, Model 152K, semi auto 22 long rifle, sling, Weaver K-25 scope, front forearm fold down factory stock. SN none


  1. Moslin Nagant, 7.62X54 bolt action, side folding bayonet. SN BG 1551


  1. Cheskoslovenska Zbrojovka A. S. BRNO Mauser Vz .24, 8 MM bolt action, sling. SN 20884


  1. Yugoslavian Mauser, 8 MM bolt action, Model 24/47, arsenal refinished and unissued by Yugo in 1940’s, matching serial numbers with crest. SN 7749


  1. Oberndorf Waffenfabrik Mauser, 8 MM bolt action, matching serial numbers. SN 585060


  1. Browning BAR, Belgium Finish national, 300 Winchester Magnum, semi auto, Leopold scope mounts. SN 137 NY64208


  1. Marlin Model 336, 30-30 lever action, 1870-1970, 100 year edition. SN 70-98605


  1. Ruger M-77 MARK II, 300 Winchester Magnum, bolt action, with rings and mounts. SN 780-87203


  1. Harrison and Richards Model 980 Ultra, 12 gauge slugmaster break action single, sling, Weaver scope and rings. SN HR 257741


  1. Remington Model 30 Express, 30 caliber Springfield, bolt action, sling, peep sights, scope mounts. SN 8261


  1. Russian Model 91/30, 7.62X54 bolt action, dated 1942 with crest, sling, serial numbers match. SN 7923


  1. Winchester Self Loading Model 1905, 35 caliber, semi auto, sling. SN 15712


  1. Russian Model 91/30, 7.62X54, bolt action, Dated 1943, sling, completely refinished including bluing and wood. SN 8760


  1. Savage Arms, Model 1905, 22 short, long, long rifle, single action bolt. SN none


  1. Swiss K-31, Schmidt Ruben, 7.5 MM, straight pull bolt, matching serial numbers. SN 223477


  1. Russian Mosin, 7.62X54, Bolt action, synthetic stock, BSA 2X20 scope and mounts. SN 5888


  1. KFS Model 522 Heavy barrel, match 22 long rifle, bolt action. SN 0701976


  1. O. F. Mossberg and Sons Model 44 U S, 22 long rifle match, bolt action, sling, Mossberg peep sights, marked U. S. Property. SN 107


  1. O. F. Mossberg and Sons Model 44 U S D, 22 long rifle match, bolt action, sling, Mossberg peep sights. SN none


  1. British Enfield, 410 caliber bolt action. RIF 1949. SN 38959


  1. Mossberg Model 500E, 410 gauge pump. Like new. SN P297210


  1. Ruger Carbine, 44 Magnum, semi auto, sling, Pronghorn scope. SN 81946


  1. NIB Ruger P94, 9 MM, semi auto pistol, new and unfired in factory case with two clips and loader. SN 308-65749


  1. Taurus PT 111, 9 MM semi auto pistol, two factory magazines. Designed for concealed carry weapon. CN TRK 85084


  1. NIB, CZ 40 P, 40 Smith and Wesson, semi auto pistol, new and unfired in factory case with two clips and auto loader and laser sight. SN A133468


  1. Smith and Wesson Model 3913TSW, 9 MM semi auto pistol, two clips, hard case, like new. SN MSE 6006


  1. Glock Model 22, 40 caliber semi auto pistol, hard case, three 15 round factory clips. SN BNH 473


  1. Taurus 44 Magnum, 6 shot revolver pistol, locking soft case. SN TA787296


  1. NIB Witness, 10 MM semi auto pistol, new and unfired in factory case. SN EA23322


  1. NIB Taurus 38 Special, 6 shot revolver pistol, new and unfired in factory box. SN Y1338908


  1. Ruger P345, 45 ACP semi auto pistol, three factory magazines, hard case, like new. SN 664-00441


  1. Ruger Super Redhawk, 44 Magnum, 6 shot revolver pistol, like new in original factory hard case with scope rings. SN 552-46512


  1. NIB Ruger Super Redhawk, 44 Magnum, 6 shot revolver pistol, factory manual, hard case and scope rings. SN 551-28694


  1. Saint Hubert Custom Built 270 cal, bolt action rifle, Bushnell Scope Chief VI scope w/covers, custom wood stock, custom sling. Beautiful rifle.


  1. Saint Hubert Custom Built 243 cal, bolt action rifle, Bushnell 3X9X40 scope w/ covers, manlicker style floating wood stock, custom sling. Beautiful rifle.


  1. Savage Model 23 D, 22 Hornet bolt action, Weaver scope and mounts, sling. SN 221304


  1. US Springfield Model 1998, bolt action, Redfield peep sights. SN 277685


  1. Ruger Ranch Rifle, 223 cal, semi auto, Simons 4X32 scope, sling, 30 round clip. SN 187-15519


  1. Winchester Model 94, 30-30 rifle, Gold Spike, Lever Action, 1869-1969, saddle ring carbine, commemorative. SN GS5205


  1. Custom Fabrica Armas 30-06 bolt action rifle, Layman peep sights SN 9228


  1. Benelli Nova 12 gauge pump, 2 ¾, 3, 3 ½ inch, camo synthetic, three factory chokes, like new with box. SN Z215243


  1. Bradford Arms Co. 38 spl, Model 21, Belgium 5 shot revolver, top break, pearl grips. SN N/A


  1. 61 Hopkins & Allen 38 rim fire 5 shot revolver, Model XL No. 5, spur trigger, SN N/A


  1. German Walter P-38 9MM, semi auto pistol, Carl Walter Waffenfabrik Ulm/Do, #159, two original clips and German holster. SN 071159


  1. Browning Fabrique Nationale Herstal High Power semi auto pistol, 7.65 cal. made in Belgium, factory florescent on white adjustable sights, like new condition with leather case and one clip. SN 245PZ64811


  1. Taurus PT 22, 22 lr. cal. Semi auto pistol, NIB SN ANB25065


  1. Smith & Wesson Model 19, 357 Magnum, 6 shot revolver, factory pacmeyer grips, soft case. SN BSC4632


  1. Smith & Wesson Model 4506-1, 45 cal. semi auto pistol, three clips and hard case. SN TYN4513


  1. Gamo Whisper DX cal. 4.5 (.177) NIB, 3X9X40 factory scope, tactical pellet rifle. 1,000 feet per second.


  1. German broom Handle Mauser, semi auto pistol, 9MM, WWII Waffenfabrik    SN 839906


  1. Ruger 10/22, 22 cal semi auto rifle, Weaver scope and rings, one 30 rd and two 10 rd clips. SN 12480197


  1. SKS Czechoslovakia, 7.62X39, semi auto rifle, w/bayonet and sling, w/ 30 rd and 10 rd mags, all numbers match. SN 1324073


  1. US 30 cal M-1 Springfield Garand semi auto rifle, 30-06 cal., US M-5 bayonet, sling, cartouche in stock and receiver, original cleaning kit in butt stock. Very nice gun. SN 3069842


  1. Westernfield Model 550A 12 gauge pump shotgun, select-o choke, made by Mossberg for Westernfield. SN N/A


  1. Mossburg Model 835, 12 gauge Ultra-Mag pump shotgun, 2 ¾”, 3”, 3 ½” shells, SN UM707797

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