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Saturday Morning, October 16th, 2010 @ 10:00 AM


LOCATION: At the house 5466 Russell Street Cedar Springs, MI 49319


DIRECTIONS: 14 miles north of Grand Rapids or 38 miles south of Big Rapids on US-131 to the Greenville/Sparta exit # 101, (M-57/14 Mile Road) east 2 miles to Ritchie Ave, north ½ mile to Russell St. west ½ mile. (Kent Co.)


Having lost our spouses we have recently remarried and consolidated our Cedar Springs home and our Lake City farm to our new home on the lake. Therefore we have decided to sell at Public Auction all guns, antiques, collectibles, tools and miscellaneous items list here. We invite you to our Auction and thank you in advance for attending.

 Regards, Jerry & Sissy Mervau


NOTE: Nice list of guns to be sold! The 24’ X 40’ pole barn is stacked about 8 feet high with totes and boxes full. We will be discovering what is in many of them as we are selling, so come out and help us turn this treasure into cash. There will me many surprises to be sure. From what we could see from the doorway, there are some nice items packed away for years in the pole barn. Two rings most of the day. Guns selling in cataloged order starting at 11:00AM. Bring CCW or purchase permits for the handguns.


TERMS: Cash or good check. MasterCard or VISA with 3% service fee. Lunch wagon, port-a-jon and wash-up station for you convenience.





#1            Winchester Mod. 1894, .32 S, lever, hex bbl. # 352505

#2            Winchester Mod. 94, 30-30, lever #L291165

#3            Winchester Mod. 190, .22 autoload with scope, #B1060967

#4            Winchester Mod. 12, 12ga. Pump, hammerless (Rust) # 1370608

#5            Winchester Mod. 94, 30-30, lever, (Rust) # 3806007

#6            Remington Mod. 141 Game Master, .35 Rem. pump # 13449

#7            Remington double bbl. 12ga. # 125952

#8        Marlin Mod. 94, 32-20, lever, hex bbl. # 44793

#9        Marlin Mod. 1899, 32-20, lever, hex bbl. # 4274456

#10      Marlin Mod. 1893, 30-30, lever, hex bbl. # D4765

#11      Marlin Mod. 336RC, 30-30, lever #AC67000

#12      Marlin Mod. 336, 30-30, lever, with scope #22011658

#13      Marlin Mod. 1936, 32SPC, lever # 1302

#14      Marlin Mod. 36C, 30-30, lever #AA55770

#15      Marlin Mod. 336SC, 32SPC, lever # K36418

#16      Marlin 12ga. Pump with hammer # 143335

#17      Springfield Mod. 187, .22 autoload

#18      Springfield/J. Stevens, 20ga. Double, hammerless

#19      Savage Mod. 1899, 300 Savage, lever # 257149

#20      Savage Mod. 245-D, .22Win. Mag./ 20ga. Over/under with hammer

#21      Savage Mod. 219, 30-30, single shot (cracked stock)

#22      Stevens Mod. 94C, 16ga. single shot

#23      Stevens Mod. 87D, .22, autoload with scope

#24      Champion 12ga. single shot, choke bore #CUX

#25      Champion 12ga. single shot, choke bore #GIR

#26      Nobel Mod. 66J, 16ga. pump

#27      Mossberg Mod. 500AT, 12ga. pump # G421142

#28      Ithaca Mod. 37, 16ga. pump # 378622

#29      US Rock Island Arsenal Mod. 1903, 30-06, bolt # 17169

#30      Mod. 98, 30-06 bolt # 3536

#31      Ruger Mod. 10-22, .22, autoload # 11432693

#32      Zabala-Short, Mod. SK102, 3” mag. 12ga. double bbl. # 144303

#33      British Mod. 4MK-1, 1943 LNG. BRANCH #55L3442

#34      Japanese WWII army rifle

#35      M-1 carbine, GM-Inland Division, dated 5/43 with scope # 312415

#36      Winchester Mod. 1892, .32 WCF, lever, hex bbl. Dated 1884 # 203659

#37      Ranger Mod. 30, 20ga. pump # HU73771

#38      Crossman pump BB gun 1924

#39      Daisy Mod. 2002 Repeater, CO-2BB gun

#40      Daisy Mod. 880, BB gun

#41      Daisy Mod. 1884, BB gun, lever with saddle ring

#42      Daisy Mod. 1894, BB gun, lever

#43      Daisy Mod. 25, BB gun, pump

#44      Daisy Mod. 95-B, BB gun, lever

#45      Daisy BB gun, lever

#46      Daisy Mod. 188, BB gun pistol

#47      Plainsman BB gun pistol

#48      Ruger Super Blackhawk, .44 revolver, 7 ½” bbl # 83-39338

#49      Smith & Wesson 32-20, 6 shot revolver, 6” bbl # 130525

#50      Smith & Wesson .38SPC, 5 shot revolver, 2” bbl # 502900

#51      H & R Mod. 949, .22, 9 shot revolver, 5 ½” bbl # AX076092

$52      Ruger “Bear Cat” 6 shot revolver # 82691

#53      ERMA, Mod. LA-22, .22 autoload pistol, made in Germany # 41509

#54      36 cal. black powder revolver with bullet mold # 117-48117


Several scopes

Gun cleaning kits


Kabar hunting knife

US bayonet

Plumb, USMC trench knife with leather sheath dated 1918

Bayonet with scabbard

Gun cases

Spotting scope with tripod

Marbles gun oil can

Sleeping bags & mats

Dome tent

Camping chairs

Down hill snow skies

Snowboard with boots

Baseball catching equipment

Inline skates

Elect. trolling motor

Fishing equipment

Tackle boxes


Crochet set

Lawn darts

Golf clubs



Compound bow

Coleman lanterns

Coleman 14’ fiberglass canoe

Tennis rackets





20’ wind mill, no tail (to be taken down)

Pipe vise






7’ straight edge

Floor mod. Drill press

Pipe wrenches

Pipe dies & threaders

Bolt cutters

Grease guns

50’ air hose

Cement tools

Elect. cords

Battery charger

Pruning shears

Nuts, bolts, nails etc.

Lawn trailer

Rakes, hoes, shovels

Power miter saw

3pt. Finish mower

Snow blades

Tire chains

Walk behind line trimmer

Sockets and hand tools

Shaft drive snow blower

Air compressor

Craftsman radial arm saw

24’ wood extension ladder

Lawn sprinklers

30 gal. Elct. Water heater (6 months old)


Fertilizer spreader


Air roof nailer

5000 watt generator


250 gal. SS tub

Weight equalizer towing hitch


Basement jack stands

Garden hose


Roof starter strips


Can lights

Splitting mauls

Cant hook

Many miscellaneous hand, shop and garden tools!!




Approx. 30 Madam Alexander dolls in boxes

Cabbage patch dolls

Many Beanie Babies

Many Teddy Bears

Wicker toy chest

Metal toys

Barbie dollhouse

Large dollhouse

Youth wagon

Marlines, MARX train set

Other trains

Carpenters wood tool chest

Hand corn & potato planters

RR lantern

Construction lanterns



Cross cut saws

Peddle cars


Wood clamps

Single tree

Copper funnel

Wind chimes

#4 dinner bell with post yoke

Elect. exercise bike

Ice skates

Roller skates

Magazines (Kennedy etc.)

McDonald glasses

Steel guitar

Glass crank butter churn


Fish finder

Remington typewriter

Metal cooler

Piston water pump

License plates

Dinning room table with chairs

Wood pop cases

School desk

Meat grinder



Kerosene heater

Regulator wall clock

Wall phone

Kerosene lamps

Youth sleds

Youth furniture


Collector plates

Bradford exchange



Collectible glassware

Heritage Village Collection Dept. 56 Charles Dickens

Longen burger baskets

Newer quilts

Table clothes

Dresser scarves

Old quilts

Feather tic


Napkin rings

Wicker chairs

Cheese box

Pictures & prints

Books, many

Other collectibles and farm primitives from two lifetime accumulations




Patio table and chairs

Office chairs




Wall clocks

Pots & pans

Water fountain

Window air conditioner



Small kitchen appliances

Table fans

Elect. roaster

Steam grill

Food dehydrator

Metal cabinet

Several curio cabinets with glass doors



Cheval mirror

Coat tree

Twin beds

Bed frames

Bar stools

Lawn chairs

End tables

Coffee tables

Magazine rack

Microwave and cabinet

Copy machine



Elect. ceramic Christmas tree

Christmas decorations

VCR player

8-track player

Stereo player



Video camera

GAF 8MM projector

Tower 8MM projector

Plus much much more, the pole barn is full!

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