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Moe’s Hardware




Saturday Morning September 11th, 2010 Starting at 10:00AM


LOCATION: 162 Maple St. (M-37) Grant, MI 49327


DIRECTIONS: North of Grand Rapids 23 miles on M-37 or south of Newaygo 6 miles on M-37 to Moe’s Hardware, located on the east side of the road. (Newaygo Co.)


Having decided to lower his inventory of new in the box, fully warranted hand guns, shotguns and rifles, Dave Campbell owner of Moe’s Hardware has commissioned Art Smith Auctioneers to conduct an Auction. 


AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Campbell has committed a very nice list of handguns and long guns to be sold to the highest bidder at Public Auction. All guns are brand new in the box, with full factory warrantees and owners manuals. Be sure to be in Grant on Sat. Sept. 11 @ 10:00AM to take advantage of this “Pre-Season Gun Auction”!! Dave gave us the orders, “all guns must and will be sold to the highest bidder”


NOTE: Being an FFL licensed dealer, all Federal and State rules will apply.


TERMS: Cash or check. Visa or MasterCard with 3% service fee. 6% MI sales tax applies.


  1. Mossberg Mod. 500 Slugster 12ga. pump w/ black synthetic stock, scope & 22” rifled barrel SN T221980
  2. Mossberg Mod. 500 Home Security .410 pump w/black synthetic stock, spreader choke & 18 ½” barrel SN T592065
  3. Marlin Mod. XS7Y “Youth” 7mm-08 bolt action 4-shot w/ synthetic stock SN 91727153
  4. Marlin Mod. 982VS .22 Win. Mag. bolt action 7-shot w/stainless heavy barrel SN 91647079
  5. Bush Master Mod. XM15-E25 .223 Rem. semi-auto A-2 Match Grade Target Rifle w/ 20” barrel & 30 round magazine SN L536926
  6. Savage Mod. 11 22-250 Rem. bolt action 4-shot w/ synthetic stock & AccuTrigger SN G749221
  7. Savage Mod. 112 25-06 Rem. bolt action 4-shot w/ stainless fluted barrel, laminated stock & AccuTrigger SN G914941
  8. Savage Mod. 112 .300 Win. Mag. bolt action 4-shot w/ stainless fluted barrel, laminated stock & AccuTrigger SN G917640
  9. Ruger Mod. 10/22 .22LR semi-auto 10-shot w/ matte stainless barrel & synthetic stock  SN 355-11015
  10. Ruger Mod. 10/22 .22LR semi-auto 10-shot w/ hardwood stock  SN 355-50889
  11. Hi-Point Mod. 995 9mm Luger semi-auto 10-shot w/ folding forearm, synthietic stock & 16 ½” barrel SN E67020
  12. Remington Mod. 597 VTR .22LR semi-auto 10-shot w/ Pardus collapsible stock, floating quad rail & 16” barrel SN C2652021
  13. N.E.F Mod. SB2-223 .223 Rem. single shot Handi-Rifle w/ hardwood stock SN CBA150560
  14. N.E.F Mod. SBS-243 .243 Win. single shot w/ scope & hardwood stock SN CBA 125334
  15. N.E.F Pardner 20ga. pump 5-shot w/ synthetic stock & vent rib barrel SN NX506326
  16. Maverick Mod. 88 12ga. pump w/ synthetic stock & 18 ½” barrel SN MV51865P
  17. Remington Mod. 7615 .223 Rem. pump 10-shot w/ synthetic stock & 16 ½ barrel SN B8553537
  18. CZ-USA CottonTail 20ga. single shot w/ hardwood stock & 24” barrel SN 09T0589
  19. Marlin Mod. 60 .22LR semi-auto 4-shot w/ hardwood stock & tubular magazine SN 91500594
  20. Savage Mod. 93R17 .17HMR bolt action 5-shot w/ hardwood stock & 21” heavy barrel SN 1260224
  21. Howa Mod. 1500 .223 Rem. bolt action 5-shot w/ Incls scope & “Green” Hoque stock SN B199087
  22. Savage Mod. 116 FXP3 .30-06 bolt action 4-shot w/ synthetic stock, Incls scope & AccuTrigger SN H063340
  23. Savage Mod. 93R17 .17HMR bolt action 5-shot w/ synthetic stock, Incls scope & AccuTrigger SN 1397913
  24. Savage Edge .243 Win. Bolt action 4-shot w/ camo synthetic stock, Incls scope & detachable magazine
  25. Hi-Point Mod. JHP .45ACP semi-auto 9-shot, 4 ½” barrel SN X4153650
  26. H-Point Mod. JCP .40S&W semi-auto 10-shot, 4 ½” barrel SN X7120021
  27. Taurus Mod. PT24 7Pro .40S&W semi-auto 15-shot, 1 1/3” stainless barrel SN SCW26697
  28. H-Point Mod. CF-380 .380ACP semi-auto 8-shot, 3 ½” SN P8028993
  29. Cobra Patriot .45ACP semi-auto 6-shot , 3 ½ stainless barrel SN M006981
  30. Cobra Patriot 9mm Luger semi-auto 6-shot , 3 ½ stainless barrel SN 05975
  31. Taurus Mod. PT-22 .22LR semi-auto 8-shot, 2 ¾” barrel, rosewood grips SN Y120224
  32. Puma Mod. 1911-22 .22LR semi-auto 10-shot , 5” barrel, GI sights SN D39570
  33. North American Arms Guardian .32ACP semi-auto 6-shot, 2 1/8” stainless barrel SN AF04926
  34. Citadel Mod. 1911-A1 .45ACP semi-auto 8-shot, 5” barrel, 2 magazines SN CIT004144
  35. Taurus Mod. 327 .327Fed. 6-shot double action revolver, 2” barrel SN BY90889
  36. Taurus Mod. 85 .38SPL&P 5-shot double action revolver, 2” barrel SN CV21979
  37. Charter Arms .38SPL&P 5-shot double action concealed hammer stainless revolver, 2” barrel SN 10-01752
  38. Mossberg Mod. 500 Field .410 pump  w/woodstock & 24" barrel SN T659401
  39. Armscor Mod. AK-22 .22LR auto 10-shot SN AP204930
  40. Ruger Mod. Ranch Rifle .223 Rem. auto 5-shot w/synthetic stock & mattee stainless barrel SN 581-52335
  41. Mossberg Mod. 4x4 .270 Win bolt action w/woodstock & scope SN BA220448
  42. Mossberg Mod. 500 Combo 3" 12ga. pump w/ synthetic Mossy Oak stock, 28" vented & 24" rifled barrels SN T680909
  43. Taurus Mod. "The Judge"  5-shot .45 Colt/.410 ga. double/single action revolver, 3" barrel SN DP171046
  44. Armscor Mod. 1911 A1 .45 ACP compact semi-auto 6-shot, 3.5" barrel SN RIA1231378
  45. Beretta Mod. U22 .22LR semi-auto 10-shot, 6" barrel w/Deluxe Red Inlay Grips SN R30316
  46. H&R Mod. Pardner .410 single shot w/24" barrel full choke SN CAC176847
  47. H&R Mod. Pardner .20ga single shot w/26" barrel mod choke SN CAC178034
  48. Marlin Mod. 795 .22LR auto 10-shot w/synthetic stock SN 91519245
  49. Marlin Mod. 925M 22 Win. Mag. bolt action 7-shot SN 91688434
  50. Marlin Mod. X5-7 .243 Win. bolt action 4-shot w/synthetic stock & 3-9x40 scope SN 91792809


More guns to be added!


Over 50 used chainsaw power heads including Poulan, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Remington, Lombard & more


Troy-Bilt Mod. 34038 22” walk behind brush mower w/high rear wheel drive (motor runs great, needs transmission repair)


Inventory of Ashley woodstove parts including


C-60-D Liners

(4) 005244

(8) 005243

(2) 005245

(2) 24881R


C-62-D Liners

(2) 005249

(1) 005251R

(1) 0024889R


(4) C-60-D Feed door only

(1) C-W85 Feed door with frame

(1) C-85 Ash door with frame

(1) C-60 Ash door with frame

(10) Asst. liner rails

(3) 7880 Asst. liners

(3) Asst. casting

(3) 7880 Damper assembly with relays

(2) C-60 Blower motors

(1) Asst. parts bag

(1) Asst. Door handles and latcher bag

(1) Draft parts box

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