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Wednesday Morning, December 5th 2012 @ 10:00AM 

LOCATION: Dons Carpet Land 6507 S. Greenville Road, Greenville, MI 48838 

DIRECTIONS:  Just north of Greenville on S. Greenville Road (Lafayette/M-91) on the east side of the road.  (Montcalm County) 

After 63 years of successful business, the owners of Dons Carpet Land, Lewis & Beverley Nielsen have decided to retire, have closed the doors and will liquidate all remaining inventory, store fixtures, vans, trailer and fork lift at LIVE PUBLIC AUCTION. They invite all to attend their auction and thank you in advance for your time.

NOTE: The Auction will begin at 10:00AM sharp. All items are tagged, numbered, cataloged and will be sold in cataloged order. Removal will be Wed. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Lunch and restroom will be available on site.  

TERMS:  Cash or good check day of auction. Master Card or VISA with 3% service fee. 6% MI sales tax on all items. Most items sold in large lots. Removal as mentioned above. All items must be removed by Monday December 10th  @ 12 Noon.



Dozens of carpet samples 

100's of rolls carpet remnants  

Quantity of full carpet rolls 

Hardwood flooring samples 

Laminate flooring 

New windows 

Framed pictures and prints 

Carpet "horse picture” framed 

Quantity of vinyl and carpet instillation supplies 

Large quantity of wall tile, many skids full 

Floor tile 

Many rolls of vinyl “Congoleum”  flooring 

Large quantity of floor trim 

Bundles of roof shingles 

Several skids of vinyl floor tile 

Large quantity of hardwood molding 

100"s of rolls of upholstery (large and small rolls) 

Skids of vinyl wall and cove base 

Elect. supplies 

Interior doors 

Large quantity of pickup tailgate covers 

Skids full of cabinet doors 

1000’s of foot of trim  


Upholstery buttons 

Carpet cove base 

Several bunks of trim lumber 

Van running boards 


Misc. lumber 


Rolls and rolls of surging thread 

Pin stripping  

Racks of misc. wood and trim lumber 


Quantity of carpet, vinyl and flooring display racks of every description 

Outdoor portable 4’X8’ lighted sign 

Quantity of 6” sign letters 

Area rug display rack 

Fire extinguishers 

Craftsman 10” table saw 

Carpet and vinyl installation tools 

VALUE CUT “24” Vinyl Sign Cutter with new Windows XP, including vinyl sign rolls, Sony laptop and programs 

Mop wringer 

Much office supplies 

Royal 124NX cash register 

Tile cutting machine 

Carpet roller 

Power tools 

Mosler floor safe, (as-is) 

Several metal desks 

(2) 7 roll carpet and vinyl roll display racks on wheels 

Wood burning stove 


Portable vinyl table 

Roller conveyor 

Many sections of pallet racking, some heavy some lighter (in the warehouse) 

Drum hand truck 

File cabinets 

Portable work bench 

Shop shelves 

Several shop carts 

Mail box post 

Wood extension ladder 

Overhead garage door 

(2) carpet carts 


3 ½ HP lawn edger 

(2) elect. Floor strippers 

Gas engine irrigation pump 

Shop vac’s 

Line trimmers 

Pick up tool box 

Power washer 

36’ fan 

Sidewalk signs 

Floor joist  

Cement blocks 

Scrap iron 

Etc. etc.  


2000 Ford E-250 cargo-van, V-8, automatic, 146K miles VIN # 1FTNS24L2YHB36451 

1995 Ford Windstar GL Van, 195K miles, automatic, VIN # 2FMDA5146TBA22130 

8’X16’ enclosed cargo trailer, tandem axle, no title 

Toyota Mod. FBCS 15, 3000lb. 36 volt, warehouse  fork lift with battery charger 

3 outboard motors 

Forklift carpet roll bar 

(2) 4 yard Poly-Dump containers with lids 


RV holding tank 

RV Counter tops 

RV center consoles 

RV shower stalls and bases 

100’s of 8’ RV roof trusses 

RV seats 

RV mirrors 

RV blinds 

RV doors 

RV vinyl roof sections 

4’ Rolls of RV vinyl 

RV cushions 



1. 4’X8’ outside sign

2. All sign letters

3. Rug rack

4. Area rug

5. Misc. display racks

6. Misc. display racks

7. Fire extinguisher

8. Misc. display racks

9. Misc. display racks

10. Misc. display racks

11. Misc. display racks

12. Carpet samples

13. Carpet remnants

14. Vinyl samples

15. Rug horse

16. VISA sign

17. Display racks

18. Display racks

19. Display racks & misc.

20. Vaule-Cut 24 vinyl sign cutter & supplies

21. Carpet samples & rack

22. Framed prints

23. Table saw

24. Misc. carpet tools etc.

25. Windows

26. Display racks

27. Misc. carpet & vinyl supplies

28. Toyota Mod. FBCS-15 3000lb fork lift & charger

29. 1995 Ford Windstar GL van, automatic

30. 2000 Ford E-250 cargo van, V-8 automatic

31. 8'x16' enclosed cargo trailer, tandem axle, no title

32. CC machines

33. Office supplies

34. Office supplies

35. Files

36. Coffee maker

37. Office supplies

38. Office supplies

39. (3) office desks

40. Mosler file safe (as-is)

41. File cabinet

42. Wire rack with carpet

43. Display rack

44. Vinyl

45. Display rack

46. Display rack

47. Display rack

48. Display rack

49. (7) pallets of tile

50. Display rack

51. (2) rolls of vinyl

52. Vinyl roll rack

53. (9) rolls of vinyl

54. Vinyl roll rack

55. Wood stove & fan

56. Carpet rack & misc.

57. Shop cart

58. Tote rack

59. Pallet of tile

60. Tools & shelves

61. Carpet platform

62. Power tools

63. Pallet rack with contents

64. Shop bench with contents

65. Roller conveyor

66. Buckets

67. Rack of trim

68. Barrel truck & roller

69. Skid of shingles

70. Display rack

71. Pallets

72. (2) skids of tile

73. (3) pallets of Laminate

74. (2) pallets of tile

75. Display rack

76. Tile samples

77. (3) pallets of tile

78. Carpet

79. Display rack

80. Display rack

81. Fire extinguisher

82. Flooring

83. Upholstery (large lot)

84. Carpet remnants

85. Carpet remnants

86. Carpet remnants

87. Carpet rolls

88. Pallet racking

89. Cove base

90. Rack

91. Vinyl

92. Carpet remnants

93. Display rack

94. Upholstery

95. Upholstery

96. Trim

97. Misc.

98. Electronics

99. Surging yarn

100. Trim

101. Trim

102. Windows

103. RV items

104. Pallet racking

105. Paint

106. Cart & misc.

107. Flooring

108. RV items

109. RV cushions

110. Upholstery

111. Upholstery

112. Upholstery

113. Upholstery

114. Upholstery

115. Display rack

116. Closet doors

117. Doors

118. Tools & table

119. RV items

120. RV items

121. RV items

122. RV items

123. RV items

124. Cart with paint

125. Tables & RV items

126. RV items

127. RV bath items

128. Doors

129. Cart

130. Cart with contents

131. Shelf with contents

132. Cart with contents

133. RV items

134. Doors & tailgate covers

135. Misc. items

136. Lumber

137. RV trusses & doors

138. Shingles

139. Frames & door

140. Van seats

141. Vinyl trim

142. Misc.

143. Work bench with doors

144. Display rack

145. Rack of trim

146. Pallet carpet cove base

147. Pallet rack

148. RV items

149. Pallet rack parts

150. RV items

151. Rack of tailgate covers

152. Wood ext. ladder

153. RV items

154. Lumber

155. Pallet racking

156. Lumber

157. (2) shop carts

158. Pallet of misc.

159. Pallet racking ends

160. Pallet racks

161. Red pallet racking

162. Misc.

163. Misc.

164. Pallet rack with trim

165. (2) side walk signs

166. Scaffolding

167. Shop cart

168. Shop cart

169. Carpet cart

170. (2) floor strippers

171. Pressure washer

172. Power edger

173. Carpet roller

174. (2) outboard motors

175. Fan

176. Pumps etc.

177. Carpet pads

178. Misc.

179. Cart with misc.

180. Misc. items on rack & floor

181. Pallet racking

182. Pallet racking

183. Misc. lumber

184. Misc. lumber

185. Gray pallet racking

186. Misc. lumber

187. Metal rack

188. Misc. lumber

189. Rack with misc.

190. Heavy metal carpet pole

191. Pallet racking

192. Misc. lumber

193. Pallet racking

194. Misc. lumber

195. Pallet racking

196. Poly dumpster with contents

197. Poly dumpster with contents

198. Cement blocks

199. Scaffolding

200. BCI

201. Misc. lumber

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