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Saturday Morning, March 30th, 2013 Beginning at 10:00AM

LOCATION: 345 S. State St. Sparta, MI 49345

DIRECTIONS: From Grand Rapids take M-37 north 7 miles to Sparta Ave. north on Sparta Ave. 1 ½ miles. OR from Big Rapids take US-131 south 35 miles to Cedar Springs exit # 104 (M-46 West) west 7 miles to Sparta Ave. south 4 ½ miles. OR from Muskegon take M-46 (Apple Ave.) east 25 miles to Sparta Ave. then south 4 ½ miles. (Kent Co.)

Having decided to close DeLange's Guns & Archery, sell our home and move to our cottage up north, we have commissioned Art Smith Auctioneers to conduct a live on site public auction to sell all remaining items of DeLange"s Guns & Archery along with most of our household, yard and antique items. We invite all to attend our Auction and thank you in advance for taking the time to come out and be a part of this event.

Very best regards,

Gary and Sharon DeLange

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This will be your opportunity to purchase many unique items at your price! Gary has been in business 36 years. The knife collections and other collectibles in Gary's shop that many of you have seen over the years will all be sold. Gary had a complete archery shop with all the equipment to set up bows and make arrows. A very nice selection of MARBLES knives, hatchets, match keepers and compasses will be worth your special attention. Some nice Indian artifacts, Case XX & Remington knives and hunting accessories make for an interesting Public Auction. Gary, no longer holding a FFL, will be selling his private collection at this Auction including over 50 firearms. Handgun buyers must have CCW or purchase permit.

Sharon furnished the house with very nice modern furniture, antiques and a large collection of high-end Christmas decorations. Some very nice collectible glassware and antique furniture will make this Auction very interesting.

TERMS: Cash or good check day of Auction. Master Card or VISA with 3% service fee. Hand guns need CCW or purchase permit. Not responsible for accidents or items once sold.

NO PARKING ON SPARTA AVE. (STATE ST.) Lots of parking on side streets.

Inspection & pre-registration will be Friday afternoon, March 29th 4;00PM-6:00PM.


1st Ring

10:00AM: Hunting & Sporting Items from the Shop

11:00AM: Guns, Bows & Knive Collection in Cataloged order

2nd Ring

10:00AM: Christmas Collectibles, Collectible Glassware & other items from the home & yard

11:00AM: Furniture


Selling in cataloged order at Approx 11:00AM

  1. Savage Fox Mod. FA-1 12ga. autoload #SA11411
  2. Universal M1 carbine 30cal. autoload Hialeah, Fla. #45323
  3. Springfield Mod. 511 12ga. double barrel, hammerless #B592401
  4. EAA 20ga. over & under #022709655B
  5. Marlin Mod. 336RC 30-30 lever action #K15493
  6. Savage Mod. Mark II .22 bolt action, clip feed, left handed #0351012
  7. Savage Mod. 200 .223Rem bolt action, synthetic stock #G482470
  8. Thompson Center Classic .22 autoload, clip feed #18962
  9. Taurus Mod. 63 .22 autoload, stock feed #WK5696
  10. Winchester Mod. 1912 16ga. pump #190223
  11. Browning Mod. 26 12ga. pump #12125RP152
  12. EAA 20ga. double barrel, hammerless #0440395B
  13. Ithaca Mod. 37 Featherlight 12ga. pump, deer slayer barrel #371294536
  14. Browning Mod. A-Bolt .243Win bolt action (new) #13714MV351
  15. Remington Mod. 870 Wingmaster 12ga. pump #S742993V
  16. Remington Mod. 1100 12ga. autoload #L431764V
  17. Remington Mod. 870 Express 16ga. pump #D193475W
  18. Remington Mod. 870 Express Magnum 20ga. pump #D333622U
  19. Remington Mod. 870 Express Magnum 20ga. pump, rifled barrel, youth mod. #D182199U
  20. Remington Mod. 870 Express Magnum 20ga. pump, rifled barrel #D391493U

20A. Browning Mod. BT99 12ga. trap shotgun, Grade III, vented rib, adjustable butt stock (new in box) #01798MW171

  1. EAA Mod. IZH-18EM-M 20ga. single shot #04076517B
  2. EAA Mod. IZH-18EM-M 12ga. single shot #03051723B
  3. Knight Wolverine Mod. 209 50cal. inline muzzle loader, synthetic stock #0011729
  4. CVA Optima Pro Magnum 50cal. inline muzzle loader, synthetic stock #611300986208
  5. CVA Wolf Magnum 50cal. inline muzzle loader, synthetic stock #611300986208
  6. Austin & Halleck .50cal inline muzzle loader, wood stock w/scope #0000232
  7. Knight Mod. TK200 12ga. inline muzzle loader, camo stock & barrel #006752
  8. Winchester Mod. 270 .22 pump, tube feed w/variable scope #283373
  9. Marlin Mod. 60 .22 autoload w/scope #15435720
  10. Remington Nylon 66 .22 autoload, stock feed w/scope #2140288
  11. H&R Mod. 48 Topper Parner Tracker 20ga. single shot, 2 barrels, 1 rifled w/scope (repaired) #973
  12. Stevens 16ga. single shot #43336
  13. New England Firearms Parner .410 single shot #278210
  14. Mossberg Mod. 190 16ga. bolt action, clip feed, poly-choke #none
  15. Chipmunk .22 single shot, youth mod. 30” length w/scope #41216
  16. Winchester Mod. 94 30WCF lever action #1591593
  17. Winchester Mod. 94 30-30Win lever action #2414037
  18. Ruger M77 Mark II .22-250Rem bolt action w/Barska 6.5x20 variable scope #79101801
  19. H&R Ultra Rifle .308 single shot w/variable scope #241513
  20. Savage Mod. 219 30-30 single shot, hammerless #none
  21. Remington Mod. 700BDL .270Win bolt action w/scope A6483243
  22. Savage Mod. 220B 16ga. single shot #none
  23. Iver Johnson Champion 20ga. single shot #77695
  24. Hunter Arms 12ga. double barrel, dog eared, LC Smith #none
  25. Rossi Youth .22/.410, takedown model, 2 barrels w/bag #SP387306
  26. Remington Mod. 870 Express Magnum 12ga. pump, rifled barrel (new in box) #B555516M
  27. Browning Mod. B-SIS 20ga. double barrel, hammerless #3469
  28. Winchester Mod. 12 12ga. pump #1725094
  29. Taurus .357Mag 5-shot revolver, hammerless, 2” barrel #VG32023
  30. Ruger MKII .22LR autoload pistol, 2 mags, 6” barrel w/box #221-46544

51. -57. (6) Daisy Buck 400 Shot BB repeaters (new in box)

58. Crosman Pumpmaster 760 pellet rifle w/scope (new in box)

59. Crosman Benjamin 392 pump pellet rifle (new in box

60. PSE Nova compound bow (NEW)

61. PSE The Beast Pro Series compound bow (NEW)

62. PSE The Beast compound bow (NEW)

63. PSE Diamond Back Pro Series compound bow (NEW)

64. PSE Nova compound bow (NEW)

65. PSE Deer Hunter compound bow (NEW)

66. PSE Deer Hunter, left handed compound bow (NEW)

67. PSE used compound bow

68. PSE Nova compound bow (NEW)

69. Parker Buck Buster compound crossbow w/scope (NEW)

70. Parker Buck Buster compound crossbow w/scope (NEW)

71. Parker Spartan compound crossbow w/scope (NEW)

72. Parker Buck Buster compound crossbow w/scope (NEW, unassembled in box)


Selling in Cataloged order after guns, most jack knives are of the large variety 6”-9” long.

1. Case XX folding hunting knife

2. Case XX jack knife # 6217

3. Case XX jack knife # 6254

4. Standard "Scout” jack knife

5. Winchester jack knife # 2904 ½ S"94

6. Winchester jack knife # 2904 ½ '89

7. Winchester jack knife # 3946

8. Kent jack knife “Fish-Knife”

9. Puma jack knife # 563

10. Case XX jack knife # 6318HP

11. Marbles tortoise Shell jack knife

12. Case XX jack knife # 6229 ½

13. Case XX jack knife # 25 ½

14. Remington jack knife “Bullet Knife” # 2002

15. Remington jack knife “Bullet Knife” # 2002

16. Queen Cutlery jack knife

17. Marbles hunting knife, black pommel, “Gladstone, MI”

18. Marbles hunting knife “Gladstone, MI”

19. Ka-bar hunting knife with swirl handle

20. Marbles hunting knife Pat. 1916 “Gladstone, MI”

21. Handmade hunting knife

22. Remington hunting knife # RH. 50

23. Remington hunting knife “U.M.C.”

24. Olsen hunting knife “Howard City, MI”

25. Set of hunting knives

26. Olsen hunting knife “Germany”

27. Wade & Butcher hunting knife “Boone” “England”

28. Olsen hunting knife “Howard City, MI”

29. Remington hunting knife # RH 32

30. Morseth hunting knife “Clinton, WA”

31. Remington hunting knife # RH 4

32. Case XX hunting knife # 623314

33. Marbles #2 Safety Hatchet “Gladstone, MI”

34. Marbles # NC 5 Safety Hatchet “Gladstone, MI”

35. Marbles # 5 Safety Hatchet “Gladstone, MI”

36. Marbles Safety Hatchet “Dog & Rabbit” rubber handle “Gladstone, MI”

37. Olsen hatchet

38. Marbles Safety Hatchet “Germany 100 year Classic”

39. Marbles Safety Hatchet, marked “R. Fish”

40. Case XX “Special Mackinaw Bridge Walk” commemorative jack knife set Including 1994-1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001

41. Remington hunting knife # R.H. 320

42. Marbles hunting knife

43. Marbles hunting knife “Safety Folding Hunter”

44. Marbles hunting knife “Gladstone, MI”

45. Marbles hunting knife “Gladstone, MI”

46. Marbles hunting knife “Gladstone, MI”

47. Marbles hunting knife “Gladstone, MI”

48. Marbles hunting knife “Buster Brown Health Shoes” “Gladstone, MI”

49. Marbles hunting knife Pat. 1918 “Gladstone, MI”

50. Marbles hunting knife “Gladstone, MI”

51. English Ladies “Purse Knife”

52. J. Koester’s jack knife “Robert, Johnson & Reed Shoe Co.” Advertising “Men’s Patriot Shoe”

53. Ka-bar hunting knife

54. Remington jack knife “Silver Bullet” # R4466

55. Case jack knife

56. Ka-bar jack knife “Limited Edition Grizzly 1986” # 3380

57. VL&A hunting knife “Fishing Knife” “Germany”

58. Schrade jack knife “Walden NY”

59. Winchester jack knife # 1920 S ‘91

60. Winchester jack knife # 1950 ‘89

61. Winchester jack knife # 1950 ‘88

62. Marbles jack knife AIRDI-150 “Gladstone, MI”

63. Winchester jack knife # 1936 ‘92

64. Case XX jack knife # 1992 “Case Brothers”

65. Case XX jack knife # 61100 SS

66. Remington jack knife “Sterling Silver Bullet” # R1306-1990

67. Case XX jack knife “Pumpkin Seed”

68. Western hunting knife

69. Winchester jack knife “Silver Bullet Cartridge Series” # 19108 ‘94

70. Winchester folding hunting knife “Silver Bullet Cartridge Series” # 19109 ‘94

71. Ka-bar jack knife # 12819

72. SM jack knife # 91 “Titusville USA”

73. Case XX jack knife # 61050 “Bradford USA”

74. John Primble jack knife “Louisville KY”

75. Case XX jack knife # 6165 S.A.B.

76. Case XX jack knife # 6165 S.A.B.

77. Schrade # 127 U.H.

78. S&M jack knife “Schatt & Morgan” F&W

79. S&M jack knife “Schatt & Morgan” F&W

80. Case “Convertible” jack knife-hatchet Pat. 1935

81. United jack knife G.R. Michigan

82. US military machete # 23320 Marked SA 1912

83. Large handmade knife


"Red Hot” crossbow shooting kit

Arrow rest display

PSE 9 bow stand

(12) Bitzenburger “Dial-o-Fletch Fletchmaster”

Arrow blanks

“Apple Archery” archery bow press

Shop built bow press

Much bow hunting accessories

Arrow rack

Much arrow making supplies

Bow strings

“Root” recurve bow

“The Par” bow

Bow string making unit

(8) 4’X4’ archery targets

Bow rack

Tree stand

Large amount of miscellaneous items found in an archery shop!


Ammo including 20 & 12 ga.; .22; 45 auto; 10MM auto; 7MM Rem;

240 WM; 300 Rem; 30-06; 308; 44 mag; 9MM Luger; .32 auto; 380 auto;

30-40 Krag; 450 Marlin; 6MM; 270 Win; 25-06; 243; 223;

7.62X39 Military Classic; and others!

Organizers full of gun parts

Gun reference and repair books

Assortment of Gun Smith tools

Ammo clips

Large amount of gun and shooting related accessories

Sev. Holsters

Reloading scales


Reloading dies

Scope mounts

Gun cleaning kits


New rifle scopes

Leupold scope

BSA scopes

Konushot scope

Bushnell scope

Simmons scope

Leupold scope mounts

Gun slings

Hand gun cases


Handgun clips

(10) Gun cases (NEW)

Black Powder shooting supplies

RCBS “The Grand” Fully automatic progressive shotshell reloading press

Misc. reloading supplies

MEC 600 Jr. 20 ga. Reloader

Misc. wads and shells

(2 pc.) 10’ X 1” brass flat stock (NEW)

Black powder safety lock box

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press reloader (NEW)

(2) 7’ two sided gun rack

Hip boots


Wicker creel

3’ wood carved log chain

Leg irons

Shooting stick

Dupont clay pigeon thrower

Fish spear

Fleshing tool

25pc. Set of leather workers tools from DeLanges Harness Shop in Sparta, late 1800’s

(4) Spearing decoys

Military ammo boxes

Wood ammo boxes

Powder horns

(18) Stone arrow heads

Stone axe head

(2) Marbles match keepers & 1 compass

Duck calls

Woodsman’s Pal machete

US bayonet

(12) Leg hold traps

Unusual 7” round stone found in Rouge River

Snow shoes

Sign “Hussey’s Live Bait & Boats” (From Gary’s Grandfathers store in Croton)

Single shot shell reloader

“ECLIPSE” 6 lever padlock with keys

Yale padlock with key

US compass

US belt buckle

Cigarette lighter

12’ of 308 cal. Machine gun belt with blanks

1939 MI Resident hunting back tag # 233651

South Bend split bamboo fly rod in case

(3) Dress swords

Military sword


6x6 mounted elk antlers

10 point white tail shoulder mount

8 point white tail shoulder mount

Cow skull

Beal skull

Ram shoulder mount

Brown bear head mount

Antelope shoulder mount

Approx. 25 metal coyote pelt stretchers

Approx. 25 metal coon stretchers

Approx. 20 metal rat stretchers


3-unit banister stacking book case by Globe-Wernicke

5-unit banister stacking book case with bottom drawer


Upholstered- Oak rocker (family owned 100 years)

OAK 4-poster bed

OAK dresser with mirror

OAK “Old Man Winter” chair, claw & ball feet

Curved glass curio cabinet

Gum ball machine

Peanut machine

Collins Romamesque Gold Plated silverware in case

Halloween decorations

6’ tall Santa Claus

6’ tall man nut cracker

Extra-large amount of quality, high-end Christmas decorations including many Santa Claus

Decorated Christmas tree

OAK desk

Press back OAK rocker

Rug beater

Country music albums

Miniature carousel

Leather “Hucksters” purse

Lamoreaux Dairy qt. milk bottle

1 qt. water bottle

Cow bell

Hand crank magneto box

Carnival glass

Depression glass

Art Glass

McCoy tea pots

“Squirt” salt & pepper

Etched glass

Miniature carrousel horses

RS Sunl tea set

Fancy tea pots

RS Germany footed bowl

Table lamps

Baby stroller

(2) McCoy vases

(4) Fiesta Ware pitchers

Nativity set

Fancy butter dishes

Vinegar cruet

Several glass baskets

“Gerber” collectible bank

RS Prussia 12” condiment dish

Collectible figurines

(4) Chocolate sets with pitchers, cups & saucers

JOVE pop-belled stove

Ice tongs

Table scales


6’ Stainless Steel butcher table with white cutting board material top

Work bench


Car mats

Misc. hand tools

Shop vac

Snow rake

Elect. wire (NEW)

Steel shop desk


50 gal. pickup auxiliary gas tank with hand pump

Hook-Eye elect. belt type knife sharpener

Grease gun

Self-propelled lawn mower

Hand cart

Lawn furniture

“Todd Ts Fabrication” hyd. motorcycle hoist

Craftsman table saw

800 Series high pressure washer

Wheel barrow

Husqvarna Mod. LE 389 gas lawn edger

Tractor lawn spreader

Push type lawn spreader

Step ladder

Reese hitch platform

Pneumatic hand grinder

Rakes, hoes, shovels etc.


Several Stormy Kromer hats (NEW)

Knife sharpeners

9’ St.Croix Mod. V908.2 in case (NEW)

Fenwick Mod. “Legend Ultra” fly rod in case (NEW)

St.Croix fly rod (NEW)

PFlueger Supreme fly reel (NEW)

Okuma Magnitude ML 5/6 fly reel (NEW)

(2) Pepsi pop can coin-op machines (both work)

Snowmobile helmets

Turkey cooker

Floor model restaurant deep fryer (rough)

Celluloid & wood handled kitchen utensils


8’long, 19” deep, 36” high OAK & glass display case with shelf

6’ long, 20” deep, 30” high OAK & glass display case with shelf

7’ long, 24” deep, 37 ½” high OAK & glass display case with shelf

8’ long, 26” deep, 36” high OAK & glass display case with shelf

5’ long, 25” deep, 42” high OAK and glass display case with shelf

5’ long, 26” deep, 24” high slant top OAK & glass counter top display case made by “The Sun Manufacturing Co.”

4’long, 24” deep, 3 ½” high OAK & glass countertop display case with lock

Several very nice “CASE XX” knife OAK & glass slant front countertop display cases

with “CASE XX” knife logo

“Buck Knife” display cases

MOSLER combination floor safe, 37” wide, 50” high, 28” deep with combination,

(old Post Office Safe) (You must load yourself)


15” Hereford western saddle, padded seat, with silver trim, tooled leather

“Made especially for DeLange”


Saddle stand

Saddle blanket

Several sets of spurs

Etc. etc.


14’ Starcraft aluminum fishing boat with trailer


China cabinet

Glass top coffee tables

Love seat


End tables

Pedestal table with 4 chairs

VIZIO 48” flat screen TV (NEW in 2012)

Console TV

Leather arm chair

Leather sofa

(2) Recliners

40” giraffe

Wildlife prints

Dining room table & chairs

Wall clocks

Double bunk beds by Whalen

Stacking chairs

3-drawer letter file

Microwave stand

Kelvinator refrigerator freezer

Small upright freezer

Vertical Broiler

2 dr. file


Misc. household items

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