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9:00AM Ring 1: Wagons of Shop Tools

9:00AM Ring 2: Tractor Manuals, Tractor Magazines & Toys Followed by Primitives, Garden, Lawn & Shop Tools

10:00AM: Tractor Parts & Engines

Approx. 12NOON: Tractors in cataloged ordered Followed by Equipment

NOTE: There will be a limited amount of off road parking. There is a large shoulder on 68th Avenue for on street parking, be sure to stay off the white line.


The Gordy Stroven Collection


Saturday Morning, June 15, 2013 starting at 9:00AM Sharp

LOCATION: 14038 68th Ave. Coopersville, MI 49404

DIRECTIONS: West of Grand Rapids or east of Muskegon on I-96 to the Coopersville/Allendale exit # 16 (68th Ave.) south 3 miles. Or north of Allendale 3 miles on 68th Ave. (Ottawa Co.)

Due to advancing age, health issues and with plans to sell our place in the future we have commissioned Art Smith Auctioneers to conduct a Live Public Auction to sell my collection of tractors, parts, equipment, antiques and shop tools. We would invite all to attend our Auction and thank you in advance for your time & attendance.

Very best regards, Gordy & Marjorie Stroven

NOTE: Folks, Gordy has been collecting & restoring tractors and equipment most of his 80 years. Now he has decided to cut back on his work load, spend his winters down south and have more time to attend and enjoy antique tractor shows in the future.

This will be a large two ring Live Public Auction with the tractors selling in cataloged order about 12 Noon. Loader tractor available day of Auction. Off street parking, Lunch wagon, port-a-jons and wash-up station also available.

Make plans to be on 68th St. just south of Coopersville on Sat. morning June 15th @ 9:00AM for the start of this outstanding, one owner, tractor collection and equipment Auction. We have one order from Gordy, "SELL IT ALL!” 

NOTE # 2: Please note 9:00AM starting time! Watch for off-street parking signs.

SPECIAL INSPECTION: Tractor inspection and pre-registration will be Friday June 14th 2:00PM-6:00PM

TERMS: Cash or good check day of auction. Master Card or VISA with 3% service fee. We subscribe to Check Alert Inc. Nothing removed until settle for. Not responsible for accidents or items once sold.   

TRACTORS Selling in Cataloged Order at Approx. 12NOON

0. Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, Pre-serial number SOLD $4,300

1. 1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, 7.2X30” tires, hyd. rear cultivator (No Ser. Number) SOLD $2,300

2. 1948 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, “High Crop” WF, 7X40” tires, remote hyd. Ser. # G6661 SOLD $1,800

3. 1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, converted to battery operation,  6X30” tires, Ser. # G-11012 SOLD $1,400

4. 1952 Allis Chalmers Mod. CA, WF, 3pt, 12.4X24” tires, Ser. # 21520 SOLD $1,500

5. 1964 Allis Chalmers Mod. D-10 Series III “High Crop”, WF, 3pt., 11.2X28” tires, Ser. # 7683 SOLD $9,700

6. Case Mod. VAH, High Crop, WF, power lift tool bar, 12.4X36” tires SOLD $2,650

7. 1953 Case Mod. S, WF, restored, new paint, 13.6X28 tires, Ser. # 5300609-S SOLD $3,350

8. Allis Chalmers Mod. WD-45 reverse drive orchard fork lift, NF SOLD $1,750

9. 1948 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, “High Crop” front weights, rear pulley, 5.5X44” tires, Ser. # G266 SOLD $1,750

10. 1941 John Deere Mod. AO, WF, styled, orchard fenders, remote hyd., new front tires, 16.8X26” tires, Ser. # 276623 SOLD $4,500

11. 1955 John Deere Mod. 70 “LP”, NF, PS, 3pt, clam fenders, 15.5X38” tires, Power-Trol, Ser. # 7032847 SOLD $1,750

12. 1958 John Deere Mod. 430, WF, 3pt, 13.6X28” tires w/front end loader, Ser. # 141049 SOLD $4,600

13. 1954 Farmall Super MTA, NF, PS, excellent 15.5X38” tires, Ser. # 78688 SOLD $3,500

14. 1957 Case Mod. 350, WF, 12.4X36” tires, Eagle Hitch, front weights, Ser. # 6081948 SOLD $2,700

15. 1930’s Allis Chalmers Mod. UC, “High Crop” H 28 H (Thompson Kit) SOLD $2,800

16. 1949 Styled Allis Chalmers Mod. WF, WF, 12.4X28” tires, Ser. # 7099 SOLD $1,100

17. 1939 Allis Chalmers Mod. B, WF, 9X24” tires, with two row mounted cultivators Ser. # 28106 SOLD $1,000

18. 1939 Allis Chalmers Mod. B, WF, 11X24” tires, Ser. 46156 SOLD $950

19. 1939 Allis Chalmers Mod. BI, WF, with-out frame, 9.5X24” turf tires, rear belt pulley, Ser. # BI 32502 SOLD $1,350

20. 1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. IB, WF, with frame, 9.5X25” new tractor tread tires, Ser. # IB3540 SOLD $2,050

21. John Deere Mod. L, WF, Ser. # L640439 SOLD $1,650

22. 1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, hand lift 1 bt. plow, front weight, 6X30” tires, Ser. # G17086 SOLD $2,500

23. 1949 Farmall Mod. H, NF, 13.6X38” tires, with loader, Ser. # 317420 SOLD $1,300

24. Allis Chalmers “Roto-Baler” small round baler, excellent working condition, good paint, stored indoors, PTO powered (restored & nice!) SOLD $1,050

25. 1954 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD-45, WF, 3pt., remote hyd., PS, 14.9X28” tires, Ser. # 171418 w/Kelley front loader SOLD $2,200

26. 1949 CO-OP Mod. E-3, NF, 12.4X38” tires, wheel weights SOLD $1,300

27. 1957 Case Mod. 312, NF, “Eagle Hitch” 11X36” tires with slotted rims, belt pulley, Ser. # 6077742 SOLD $2,650

28. Mid 1950’s John Deere Mod. 40, NF, 3pt, 10X34” tires, clam fenders, Ser. # NA SOLD $2,000

29. Mid 1950"s Allis Chalmers WD-45, WF, 3pt, 14.9X28” tires, wheel weights, Ser. # NA SOLD $900

30. 1958 Allis Chalmers Mod. D-17, NF, 3pt. 16.9X28” tires, rebuilt engine, with hyd. lift snow plow, Ser. # 7975 SOLD $1,550

31. CO-OP Mod. E3, WF, 14.9X38” tries, wheel weights, Ser. # 114590 OR 312624 SOLD $1,600

32. 1956 Allis Chalmers Mod. CA, WF, 3pt. “California High Crop Wheels” & cultivator frame, 11.2X36” tires, Ser. # 38129 SOLD $1,200

33. 1953 Farmall Mod. Super A, WF, power lift, rear belt pulley, wheel weights, 12.4X24” tires, Ser. # 351535 SOLD $1,500

34. 1959 Farmall Mod. Cub, WF, power lift, rear belt pulley, 8X24” tires, wheel weight, Ser. # 214251 SOLD $1,400

35. 1948 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, side pulley, hyd. Rear cultivator, rear hyd. pump, Ser. # G6214 SOLD $1,800

36. 1951 Case Mod. DO, WF, 9.13X36” tires, Ser. # 5509542 DO SOLD $1,150

37. John Deere Mod. 440 Industrial, WF, 14.9X26” tires, with JD # 71 front loader, Ser. # 454976 SOLD $3,100

38. 1951 John Deere Mod. A, NF, 13.6X38” tires, Power-Trol, Roll-a-matic, Ser. # 668987 SOLD $1,700

39. John Deere Mod. B unstyled on steel #56454 SOLD $1,100

40. 1950 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, 7X30” tires, rear cultivator, front & rear hyd. Ser. # G23651 SOLD $1,850

41. Allis Chalmers Mod. WC, reverse drive orchard fork lift, NF, 12.4X28” tires, Ser. # NA SOLD $1,350

42. 1951 Allis Chalmers Mod. CA, NF, 11.2X24” tires, Ser. # 720, with snow plow, with 2 bt. plow SOLD $1,250

43. Allis Chalmers Mod. D-14, WF with AC loader SOLD $1,000

44. 1955 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD-45, WF, 14.9X28” tires w/back blade, Ser. # 198800 SOLD $1,350

45. 1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD, WF, remote hyd, 12.4X28” tires, Ser. # 34963 SOLD $750

46. 1952 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD, NF, 13.6X26” tires, Ser. # 112025 SOLD $600

47. 1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD, WF, 16.9X26” tires, Ser. # NA SOLD $650

48. 1950 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD, NF, 13.6X28” tires, Ser. # 70791 SOLD $600

49. 1954 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD-45, WF, PS, 14.9X28” tires, Ser. # 176015 SOLD $1,250

50. Allis Chalmers Mod. WD-45, NF Ser. # 24173 SOLD $900

51. 1956 Allis Chalmers Mod. CA, WF, rear belt pulley, remote hyd, 11.2X24” tires, Ser. # 38102 SOLD $850

52. 1951 Allis Chalmers Mod. CA, NF, rear belt pulley, remote hyd, 11X24” tires, Ser. # 4176 SOLD $850

53. 1939 John Deere Mod. B, NF, styled, factory front round spoke wheels, 11X38” tires, flywheel start, Ser. # 60228 SOLD $850

54. 1953 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, WF, 6X30” tires, Hyd. Ser. # G-27171 SOLD $1,975

55. 1964 John Deere Mod. 1010, WF, 3pt, 13.6X28” tires w/front end loader, Ser. # 51949 SOLD $4,300


(2) Economy Power King garden tractors

Power King Mod. 1614 garden tractor, WF, 3pt. 2 speed, 7.50X16” tractor tread tires, hyd. lift

Power King Mod. 2418, WF, 3pt. turf tires

(3) John Deere Mod. 110 lawn tractors

John Deere Mod. 66 riding lawn mower (no deck)

John Deere Mod. 140 “White Patio” garden tractor with deck, front snow blower & front hyd. outlets

John Deere Mod. 56 lawn tractor

Brush Hog Mod. JV-II, hyd. drive, 12HP with generator/starter & 3pt.

(4) Gravely walk behind tractors with attachments, snow blowers, rotary plow, mower etc. one rear sulky  

Wheel Horse garden tractor

Wheel Horse tractor frame

Economy “Estate” garden tractor with deck, 2 speed

Economy #1824 garden tractor

Wheel Horse #12 garden tractor

3pt. garden tractor rototiller with gas engine

Power King #5 front mount snow blower

Lambert snow blower

Troy-Bilt walk behind line trimmer


David Bradley walk behind garden tractor

Several other riding lawn mowers

Garden disc

Garden cultivator

1bt. garden tractor plow

3 ½’ garden disc

Yard cart

Rear rototiller for Economy garden tractor

Sears 3pt.1bt. garden tractor plow

Riding lawn mower parts

Graden tractor parts & frames

(2) Roto-Hoe with rototiller, mower, buzz saw & leaf blower

John Deere rototiller

Line trimmers


1941 Allis Chalmers Mod. WC, NF, new 11.2X24” tires on spoke wheels, power lift, Ser. # 108957 Parts Tractors

Several tractors for parts

John Deere LI “parts tractor” (no engine)

Case Mod. DO parts tractor

LP storage tank for JD LP tractor

John Deere H tractor parts & front wheels

Misc. tractor wheel weights

Farmall M grills

Allis Chalmers corn planter cultivator attachment

Several tractor rims

Corn planter parts

Tractor tire chains 38”, 36” & 28”

Misc. plow parts

Trailer balls


Walnut gatherer

Tractor sway bars

Tractor top links

Wood cultivator handles, new

John Deere clam fenders

Several Farmall H tractor tin & wheels etc.

John Deere PTO covers & top links

Allis Chalmers tractor seats

Allis Chalmers top links

John Deere M hitch

John Deere plow spindles

Hyd. cylinders including John Deere

35’ endless belt

NEW tractor starters & generators

Large quantity of Allis Chalmers “G” tractor parts & tires

Set of 36” round spoke grain drill wheels with 6.5X36” tires

Cultivator shoes

Dozens of good used tires

John Deere factory round spoke front steel wheels for JD-GP (like new)

IHC belt pulleys

John Deere “L” belt pulley

Tractor radiators

John Deere “L” steering wheel

Petal hitch

IHC tractor rims

Oliver tractor tin

Fordson cultivator fenders

Gas dewatering pump

Horse water tanks

Honda #EV400 RV generator engine

Onan Performer 20RV generator engine

Box trap

Assortment of misc. plow parts

14” & 15” rims

John Deere Mod. D pistons & rods

Case “Eagle” hitch arms

Apple crates

Plow coulters

Quantity of scrap iron

Etc. etc.


1934 John Deere Mod. E, 1 ½ HP double fly wheel hit & miss gas engine with belt pulley Ser. # 349659


Several 1 cyl. gas engines, Wisconsin, B&S etc.

Waukesha 4 cyl. stationary gas engine

(3) John Deere 4 cyl. gas engines, fits JD 1010 tractor

(2) Hercules 2 cyl. gas power units

John Deere 2cyl. gas engine on cart with front PTO

John Deere "L" #L4100T engine block

Wisconsin 2 cyl. gas engine with elect. start

Rebuilt head for John Deere 1010 gas tractor


John Deere # 32, rope trip, 2-way plow, on steel wheels

John Deere # 12, 6’ double cultipacker

New Idea front loader

Allis Chalmers 2bt. & 3bt plows, AC quick hitch 2pt.

9’ 3 sec. drag

8’ John Deere (GP) field cultivator on rubber

5’ field cultivator on steel, rope trip

Ground drive manure spreader (rough)

Hay wagon

Snow plows

Allis Chalmers 7’ quick hitch 2pt.  back blade

John Deere semi-mounted 4bt. plow (slat bottom mole boards)

John Deere 9’ pull disc

11’ pull disc

16’ tandem axle car hauler trailer

8’X17’ beaver tail, tandem axle equipment trailer with folding ramps

John Deere 2bt. rope trip plow

John Deere 1 bt. rope trip plow

(3) 2bt. rope trip plows

Allis Chalmers 2bt. under slung plow

8’ pull disc

8’ drag

5’ flail mower

IHC 4 bar hay rake on steel

IHC 1 bt. 16” steel wheel rope trip plow

John Deere front tractor loaders (fit JD A, B or G)

John Deere 3bt. rope trip plow

John Deere # 22AB, 1bt. rope trip plow 22”

John Deere # 612, 2bt. rope trip plow on steel wheels

John Deere Mod. 4-D, high clearance 2bt.  rope rip plow with flat spoke steel wheel, new paint

(2) John Deere 1bt. plows, mounted, fits JD “L”

John Deere “L” cultivators

John Deere 50 loader

Allis Chalmers WD loader

Allis Chalmers 3bt. underslung plow

Allis Chalmers “G” plow

Allis Chalmers “G” cultivators

Allis Chalmers “WC” or “C” cultivators

Several other 3bt. plows

RARE John Deere Mod. 202, two way rope trip plow w/new tires

Duel tire implement trailer

Utility trailer

3pt. SKIBBE seeder

3pt. 8’ back blade

3pt. John Deere 4bt. Plow

3pt. 5’ brush hog

3pt. AC hitch

3pt. Scout back-hoe with 16” bucket

Oliver 11 hole grain drill on steel wheels

(2) Allis Chalmers “G” brush hogs

IHC pull type brush hog

3pt. Ford 1bt. 18" plow

3pt. Oliver 3bt. plow

IHC 3bt. hyd. trailer plow

IHC 2rw. horse drawn 2rw. corn planter

IHC 2rw. rope trip 2rw. corn planter

(2) Mc. Deering 4-bar hay rakes on steel

Oliver ground drive manure spreader

18" single chain aluminum grain conveyor

Small 3pt. box scaper

16' tandem axle flat bed trailer with ramps

Pick-up grain gravity box

Ford 9' wheel disk


Brown & Sehler floor mod. hand crank corn sheller with elec. motor, double ear, floor mod. , Grand Rapids, MI

Planet Jr. garden seeder

Floor Mod. double ear corn sheller

Flexible Flyer snow sled by Planet Jr.

Combination floor safe, 28”W, 26” deep, 42” high

Square oil tank with hand pump

Champion “Snowliner” sled

Other sleds

John Deere wrenches

Advertising yard sticks

15” X 13’ “John Laarman Farm” wood sign, dated 1927

McCormick Deering Tractors wood sign

Misc. farm toys

Ammo box

(4) TEXACO) 1932 Northrop BAMMA metal airplane banks, NIB

Brass oilers

Floor Mod. Hocking Valley hand crank corn sheller

Approx. 50 TEXACO cast iron metal truck banks, NIB

Hay grappling forks

Peddle fire truck

Large quantity of Antique Power, Old Abe News, Green Magazine, Red Power, 2 Cylinder and other magazines

Sales brochures

Dozens of Allis Chalmers, John Deere, Case & Power King owner’s manuals, service manuals & shop manuals

Many tractor hard cover books

John Deere book ends

Steel wheels

John Deere toy tractors

Cast iron implement seat

Leg hold traps

Buck saw

Bicycle parts & fenders

Croquet set


Elec. pipe threader with tripod

“Globe Truck” 4 wheel shop truck

Hyd. press

Snap -On ¾” ratchet & USA sockets

Floor mod. drill press

Heavy duty steel welding table with large vise

50”X91” ½” boiler plate work bench with Yost 6” vise and double grinder

½” drills

Elect. saws

Hand wrenches


Shop shelves

Pneumatic grinders

Tap & die sets

Drill bits

Nuts & bolts

3 1/2T floor jack

Metal shop desk

Pipe wrenches

36” Rigid pipe wrench

Chain binders

Rakes, hoes, shovels, pitch forks etc.

Drum of Grease

Spark plug cleaner

Chain falls

Pipe vise

Cut-off saw

Bolt bin full of bolts etc.

Pallet jack

I-beam with trolley

Welding table

12 volt winch

3’ industrial floor shop fan

Wood extension ladder

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