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Saturday, October 26th 2013 starting at 10:00AM

LOCATION:  3410 Bristol Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 49544

DIRECTIONS: From Grand Rapid take M-37 (Alpine Ave.)  1  mile north of I-96 to   4 Mile Road, west 1 mile to Bristol, south 1/8 mile. (Kent Co.)

Due to having some health issues (hip surgery) I have decided to sell my tractors and other items at Live Public Auction. I have commissioned Art Smith Auctioneers to handle my Auction and appreciate all who would take the time to come out to my place and participate in my Auction. Thank you in advance for your time.

Very best regards,

Don Haisma

NOTE: Don has lived at this place for over 60 years and ran his landscaping business out of this location for over 50 years. Over the years he has collected a nice group of tractors and has decided to sell them at Live Public Auction.

There are a few items from the neighbor. There will be ample parking in the lot just across the street, north of the house on the SW corner of 4 Mile Road and Bristol Ave. site. Make plans to be on Bristol Ave. on Sat. Oct. 26 at 10:00 AM for the start of this nice Auction.

Lunch wagon, port-a-jons & wash station on-site for your convenience.

SPECIAL INSPECTION: Friday Oct. 25th 3:00PM-5:00PM with buyer registration available.


10:00AM wagons of misc.

11:30AM Tractors & Equipment followed by Guns

TRACTORS: (All stored in doors.)

1937 John Deere Mod. A, NF, unstyled flywheel start, fenders, 12.4X38” tires, round spoke front wheels, flat spoke rear wheels  #460536

1938 Farmall Mod. F-12, crank start, single front wheel, fenders, 9.00X40” tires    #118231

1944 John Deere Mod. B, NF, flywheel start, fenders, 12X38” tires #153600

1946 Oliver Mod. 60, “Row Crop”, NF, fenders, 9.5X32” tires #N/A

1946 Farmall Mod. H, NF, wheel weights, fenders, remote hyd, 12.4X26” tires  #224035

1950 Allis Chalmers Mod. WD, NF, fenders, 13.6X28” tires #45984

1954 John Deere Mod. 60 “Orchard” WF,  fenders, remote hyd, 14.9X26” tires      #6034971

Allis Chalmers Mod. B, WF, 9.5X24” tires #N/A


  1. Remington Woodsmaster Mod. 742 30.06 autoload w/Bushnell Sportview 3-9 scope & see thru mounts #A7040909
  2. Remington Woodsmaster Mod. 740 Deluxe 30.06 autoload, custom engraved w/gold inlay #49390
  3. Interarms Mark X 30.06 bolt action w/Leupold VX III 1.5x5 scope, Monte Carlo stock w/checkering, Pachmayr white line butt pad & sling mounts
  4. Ruger Mod. M77 30.06 bolt action w/Tasco 4x scope & sling mounts
  5. Eclipse Brilliant dog eared double barrel shotgun (wall hanger) #31913
  6. Belgium Folbert .22 cal rising breech single shot
  7. Syracuse Arms 12ga double barrel #23877
  8. R1A1 Sporter .308 autoload, FN FAL “Tanker Model” clone w/(2) 20rd mags & pouch #129415
  9. Henry Repeating Arms Mod. H001Y .22 cal lever action youth mod. #013472
  10.  Harrington & Richardson 450 Marlin single shot w/Tasco Golden Antler 3x9 scope #HR361544
  11.  Thompson Center 50 cal muzzle loader
  12.  Springfield US Mod. 1873 45-70 trap door w/cleaning rod #55868
  13.  Mossberg Mod. 500 12ga pump #L637779
  14.  Mossberg Mo. 500A 12ga pump w/Slugster barrel
  15.  H&R Topper Mod. 58 12ga single shot, full choke #AP247787
  16.  Springfield Armory M1 Garand 30.06 autoload #3778037
  17.  Winchester Mod. 1897 12ga pump w/hammer #E-712384
  18.  Winchester Mod. 97 12ga pump w/hammer #864478
  19.  Winchester Mod. 37 12ga single shot
  20.  Winchester Mod. 37 12ga single shot
  21.  Savage Mod. 1899 303 Savage lever action w/full octagon barrel, Perch belly stock & curved metal butt plate #69.969
  22.  Savage Mod. 99 300 Savage lever action w/3x9x40 scope #638626
  23.  Mossberg Mod. 395K 12ga bolt action w/adjustable choke #544959
  24.  Martini Enfield Mark III 303 British falling block single shot
  25.  Pride of Spain 12ga coach gun, dog eared double barrel w/double trigger #EX86904
  26.  Ruger Mod. 44 carbine .44 Mag autoload w/Deluxe stock with checking & leather sling
  27.  Ruger Mod. 44 carbine .44 Mag autoload w/Weaver 4x scope & sling mounts
  28.  Remington Mod. 870 Wingmaster 12ga pump w/28” vented rib barrel & mod choke #T454731V
  29.  Remington Mod. 870 Wingmaster 20ga pump #S919374X
  30.  Browning BPS Hunter Engraved 12ga pump w/28” vented rib barrel & 3 chokes (new in box with paper work) #02310MT121


3pt. scoop

3pt. back blade

Slush scraper

JD fenders

Oliver Mod. 0, 99 walking one bottom plow

John Deere two bottom rope trip plow on steel

John Deere plow clevis

John Deere rope trip plow

One bottom rope trip plow on steel

(2) Fuel tanks on stands

Steel wheel potato planter (rough)

Steel wheel fertilizer spreader (rough)

Steel wheel cultivator

Steel wheel wood tank orchard sprayer (rough)

Steel wheel dump rake

2000 Ford F-250 parts i.e. front bumper & grill


(3) Roller conveyors

Tow bar


Aluminum windows and screens


Large assortment of cement lawn ornaments

Tractor rims

Lawn seeder

Mail box

Misc. lumber

10X22.5 truck tire

Rolls of 4” drain tile

Wood extension ladder

(2) Wringer washers

3’ trampoline

Hay harpoon

Reel mowers

Chain saws

Log chains

Milk cans

Buggy wheels

Line trimmer


Garden pots

Large and small box traps

Wheel barrows

Tire swing



6-quart milk bottle carrier

Copper boiler

Wood powder keg

Wash tub

Wash boards

Bird houses

Cow water cups

Bottle capper

Oil cans

Push mower

Dusk to dawn lamp

Christmas decorations

Wood wheels

Watering cans

(2) Cast iron stoves

Etc. etc.

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