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UPDATED WITH AUCTION PRICES. It was great day for an Auction with bidders from 9 states and Canada.


Saturday, July 11th 2015 @ 9:00AM

LOCATION: On-site at the house 4586 Meadowbrook Lane, Fremont, MI 49412

DIRECTIONS: In Fremont, take Stone Rd. north ½ mile to 44th St., West ½ mile to Meadowbrook Lane, South ¼ mile.

OR from Grand Rapids take M-37 north through the City of Newaygo, cross the river and turn west following M-82 and go 11 miles to Stone Rd. then north ½ mile to 44th St. west to Meadowbrook Lane & south ¼ mile.

OR from Big Rapids take US-131 south to M-20 exit #131, go west following M-20 26 miles to Stone Rd. south 6 ½ miles to 44th St., west to Meadowbrook Lane, south to Auction.

OR from Muskegon take US-31 north to Holton/M-120 exit, northeast 20 miles to M-82, east 4 miles to Stone Rd. north ½ mile to 44th St., west to Meadowbrook Lane then south. (Newaygo County)

Having collected and restored John Deere tractors and collected John Deere memorabilia for over 35 years, we have decided to divest ourselves of our collection. We have hired Art and Noah to conduct a Live Public Auction to sell our collection to the highest bidder to help with our plans. We want to thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Very Best Regards,

Roger and Carolyn Frens

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Roger and Carolyn are lifelong area residents. Roger worked at Gerber in Fremont for over 40 years and also farmed. Roger and Carolyn enjoyed buying, restoring and showing their numerous tractors for many years, but now is the time for new interests. Be sure to make plans to be north of Fremont on Saturday, July 11th at 9:00AM for the start of this fantastic Live Auction Event!

Loader tractor, lunch wagon and port-a-jons will be available Auction day for your convenience. No Sunday pick-up please.


TERMS: Cash or good check day of Auction. Master Card or VISA with 3% service fee. We subscribe to PAY-TEC (A NATIONAL CHECK COLLECTION COMPANY.) Absentee and phone bidding available to qualified bidders.

LODGING: The Harrington Inn 1117 West Main St Fremont, MI 49412 (231) 924-3083 15% discount if you mention this Auction.



1938 John Deere Mod. L, un-styled, restored, 7.50X22” tires, delivered to Dinkels Hardware in Conklin, MI in 1938, Ser. # 621468 $4,600

1938 John Deere Mod. L, un-styled, 7.50X22” tires, restored, Ser. # 622183 $4,000

1936 John Deere Mod. BO, WF, new front tires, fenders, new 11.2X24” tires, round spoke wheels, flywheel start, restored, new paint, Ser. # 325683 $4,300

1936 John Deere Mod. BR, new front tires, new 12.4X24” tires, all round spoke wheels, fenders, flywheel start, factory rebuilt, Ser. # 325580 $6,100

1951 John Deere Mod. B, NF, Roll-a-Matic, Power-Troll, remote hyd., clam fenders, new front tires, new 12.4X38” tires, restored with new paint, seat & decals, Shipped to Fremont, MI 4-25-1951, second owner, Ser. # 285767 $4,100

1939 John Deere Mod. L, Hercules engine, new front tires, shipped to Lake Ariel PA, Ser. # 625917 $1,900

1939 John Deere Mod. L, top shift transmission, new front tires, fenders, 7.50X22” tires, shipped to Gobles, MI on 1-23-1939, Ser. # 626609 $1,650

1939, John Deere Mod. L, 7.5X22” tires, restored, shipped to Grand Rapids, MI 11-17-1939, Ser. # 630376 $1,650

1941 John Deere Mod. L, new front tires, restored, Ser. # 634187 $1,800

1944 John Deere Mod. L, 7.5X22” tires, restored, shipped to Lansing, MI 12-7-1944  Ser. # 641411 w/John Deere #L-18 2-way mounted plow $3,100

1944 John Deere Mod. L 7.5X22” tires, shipped to Lansing, MI with last Mod. L, Ser. # 641414 (third tractor after last tractor listed) $1,700

John Deere Mod. L, 7.5X20” tires, restored, Ser. # N/A $1,650

1940 John Deere Mod. L, with 4 cyl. 292 JD power plant engine, 8X24” tires $500

Shop built ½ size Waterloo Boy tractor, on steel wheels, built by Roger & Carolyn Frens $3,400

1941 John Deere shop built Mod. L crawler, restored, Ser. # N/A $3,900

1939 John Deere Mod. LI, Hercules engine, top shift transmission, new front tires, fenders, 8.3X22” tires, restored with new Hi-way orange paint, (170 produced), Ser. # 628327 $1,750

1940 John Deere Mod. LI, side shift transmission, Hercules engine, 7.5X22” tires, restored with new Ind. yellow paint Ser. # 633048 $1,800

1942 John Deere Mod. LI, 7.5X22” tires, fenders, restored with new Ind. yellow paint, Ser. # 50792 $2,100

1946 John Deere Mod. LI, new front tires, fenders, new 7.5X22” rear tires, heavy duty tube frame, restored with new Ind. yellow paint, Ser. # 51553 $2,400

John Deere Mod. LI, solid tube frame, new front tires, 8.3X22” tires, new Hi-way orange paint Ser. # 50___ (unreadable) $1,800

1945 John Deere Mod. LA, adj. front axle, new front tires, fenders, 11.2X24” tires, Restored with new paint, Ser. # 10630 $3,000

1941 John Deere Mod. LA, heavy tube frame, 7.5X24” tires, E-Z Ride seat, Ser. # (no plate) $1,800

1941 “The General” Mod. GG, single front tire, new 9.5X24” tires, restored with new paint, Ser. # 7FA424 $3,050

1951 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, 11.2X24” tires, new paint, 2nd owner (bought new in Fremont, MI) $2,200


1929 John Deere 3HP, hit & miss gas engine, double 20” flywheel with belt pulley  on cart, Ser. # 303455 $1,100


1968 John Deere Mod. 140 “Sweepster” double seat attachment, (ONLY ONE KNOWN ON MODEL 140) (ONLY 12 TOTAL KNOWN TO EXIST) $12,500

1963 John Deere Mod. 110, 7HP, (1st Year for Mod. 110) original paint, brass tag, fiberglass fenders, 3 sp. Ser. # 2649 $4,100

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP, garden tractor Ser. # 50466

John Deere Mod. 112, 10HP, garden tractor, shop built double seat, Ser. # 3673

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP, garden tractor Ser. # 40830

John Deere Mod. 112 garden tractor with hyd. lift, Ser. # 7696

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP, garden tractor Ser. # 26077

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP, garden tractor Ser. # 67256

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP, garden tractor Ser. # 60046

Sears 6HP garden tractor, # 917-8331

1955 Wheel Horse garden tractor, “Ride-a-Way Jr.” Mod. 1200

“Ride-A-Mower” with Clinton kick start engine

Wheel Horse garden tractor frame

1962 Wheel Horse # 62-10035 garden tractor

1961 Cub Cadet (1st Year) garden tractor Ser. # 4586

1961 Cab Cadet (1st Year) garden tractor Ser. # 17146

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP garden tractor Ser. # 65274

1964 John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP garden tractor Ser. # 7931

John Deere Mod. 70 garden tractor Ser. # 37100

John Deere Mod. 60, garden tractor Ser. # 16952

John Deere Mod. 110, 8HP, 3sp. garden tractor Ser. # 13078

1965 John Deere Mod. 110, on steel wheels Ser. # 30159

1964 John Deere Mod. 110, 3sp. garden tractor Ser. # 9489

(2) John Deere # 80 lawn carts

John Deere # 50 lawn cart

John Deere # 5-A lawn sprayer with 4-leg John Deere logo


John Deere Mod. LUH power unit, restored, built 6-17-43, Ser. # LU8174

John Deere Mod. LUE power unit, restored, built 5-09-45, Ser. # LU15460 (Used on Dain Hay Press)

John Deere Mod. LUI stationary power unit, restored

John Deere Mod. LUW power unit, restored (Used on JD # 200 Beet Harvester)

John Deere Mod. LU stationary power unit, restored, built 4-24-41, Ser. # LU 1686

John Deere Mod. LU power unit, restored, (Used on JD 12-A combine) Built 6-10-1941 Ser. # LU 2643

John Deere Mod. LUS stationary power unit, restored, Ser. # LUS 1253

John Deere Mod. LUC power unit, restored, (Used on JD 12-A combine) Ser. # LUC 32904


John Deere Mod. LUC combine engine

John Deere Mod. LUC combine engine

John Deere Mod. LUS power unit

John Deere Mod. LUE engine, rare (off JD baler)

John Deere Mod. LU engine

John Deere Mod. LU engine


John Deere “LETZ” #230 “Mixed Feed Maker” with silo pipe, dust collector & double bagger. Made for John Deere Plow Co. capable of 7 different operations, Pat. Dated 1927

Sears & Roebuck hay wagon

John Deere L or LA 1-row cultivators

(3) John Deere #7, 5’ mounted hay mowers (fits LA or LI)

John Deere # 15 sub soiler

John Deere 1 bt. rope trip plow on steel wheels

Avery 2 bt. rope trip plow on steel

John Deere 2bt. rope trip plow on steel (for parts)

Several JD & Oliver walking plows, left & right handed

Walking cultivator

John Deere #200 2-row mounted cultivators

John Deere cultivator w/hand lift (fits JD Mod. H)

John Deere sub-soiler

(2) John Deere L-18 R.H. mounted plows with lever

Several JD 1 bt. plows (fits L or LA)

John Deere mounted harrow (fits L or LA)

Allis Chalmers mounted plow (fits AC-G)

Hyd. hi-low mast, 3pt. or front mount


John Deere front & rear wheel weights

John Deere rear sleeve hitches

John Deere PTO elevator attachment

John Deere front snow blades

John Deere front snow blowers

John Deere rototillers

John Deere Mod. 140 lawn tractor cab

John Deere Mod. 140 engine & transmission

Simplicity mower deck

Etc. etc.


John Deere Mod. M or MI front snow blade

John Deere extra wide front end for Mod. LI

John Deere # 801, 3pt. hitch

John Deere Mod. L steel wheels

John Deere Mod. B styled steel wheels, 12-spline w/extensions

John Deere Mod. L wheel weights

Other JD wheel weights

Avery wheel weights

(3) John Deere L or LA belt pulleys

Sev. John Deere umbrella brackets

38” JD rims (fits unstyled Mod. B)

“Bug-Eyed” front tractor rims with new 4.00X15” tires (fits L or LA)

Several tractor tires 22”-38”

John Deere Mod. L # 4100T engine block

Unstyled JD Mod. L gas tank

John Deere # 4200 engine blocks

Sev. JD Mod. L radiators

Misc. tires

Mod. L, LA & LI parts including: transmission, clutch housing, final drives, steering box, fenders, frame, seat brackets, front end, front wheels, rear spacers, drawbar, etc. etc.

Reproduction L tin, & LI rear tool boxes, shaft covers, rear light brackets, battery hold down brackets, battery box, battery tray, battery plate etc.

John Deere B & H parts  


“The National Computing Scales Co.”  balance scales, marked Cleveland OH, # 16469

Fremont, Co-op Creamery milk can

Standard Oil Co. oil can with wood frame “Polarine Summer F”

UNUSUAL S.F. Bowser & Co. Inc. “Perfect Self Measuring Oil & Gasoline Tank” wood box with tin lining, & hand crank measuring pump & price gauges & bell

S.F. Bowser Co. square oil tank with meter and hand pump

Bennett # 132 “Clock Face” gas pump with repo JD globe

Several JD plow clevises

Several JD hand wrenches

Several JD PTO air pumps

(3) JD sickle bar anvils

Steel wheels

“Badger Farm Materials Handling Specialist” lighted adv. sign

Dozens of Coes monkey wrenches & other monkey wrenches 6”-24”

Adjustable wrench collection

(24) Marked RR monkey wrenches

Grand Rapids made stalk chopper

IHC floor mod. corn sheller (family owned for 120 years)

Western Flyer peddle tractor

Cream can

John Deere China 16pc. set service for 4

Gas engine magazines

Two Cylinder magazines

Green magazines

Many equipment manuals, JD & NI

(18) John Deere “Two Cylinder Club” 1/16 scale toy tractors new in box

JD hard cover books

Farm toys

Tonka toys

Over 60 John Deere toy tractors, like new, some new in box, including shelf models & collector models

JD monkey wrench

(2) JD adv. Thermometers

1963-1993 JD 110 lawn tractor 30 year anniversary belt buckles & plates collection

Toy miniature hit & miss engine, non-running

JD book ends

Approx. (15) 1940’s JD repair manuals

(25-50) JD pocket ledgers

JD toy wagon, lunch bucket & tool box etc.

New JD Mod. A pedal tractor (reproduction)

(2) JD Mod. 20 pedal tractor, casting # D63 & D65 (restored)

Adv. yard sticks (2-dozen)

Misc. JD toys

OAK wall phone

Milk Bottles including Greenwood Farms, Fremont; Fremont Dairy; Meadow Brook Dairy, Hersey, MI etc.

Greenwood Dairy milk bottle box

(4) Fremont State Bank metal banks

Pere Marquette RR lantern

M.C. RR lamp converted to elect.

Approx. 20 hand corn planters

(2) Hay harpoons

(2) Hay grappling forks

Several hay knives

Several cow bells

Champion CI implement seat

Large wood pulleys

Lard can

1923 Grand Rapids made “Mon-ta-mower”

1800’s Dutch Bible

Fence stretchers

Egg scales

Hand corn sheller

(2) JD corn planter boxes

IHC wall clock

SURGE MILKER adv. sign

(2) Parking meters

(4) Chain repair blocks

Screw jacks

C&NW RR oil can

Alligator belt cutter

Hand crank sickle bar sharpener

Battery & Antifreeze tester

(2) JD 26” 3sp. girls bikes

(2) Rolls of “Check Wire”

2-wheel bag cart

Deur Chevy adv. metal 20” measure stick

JD handmade booties

OVER 30 John Deere bullet pencils, some local, some out of state including:

Fremont, Sparta, Allegan, Caledonia, Bay City, Coldwater, Morenci, Tecumseh & Monroe, MI.

GERBER COLLECTIBLES including: Semi truck; thermometer; coolers; licenses plates; clock; watch; rain gauge; etc. etc.


OVER 40 mechanical walking lawn sprinklers of every description!


 Approx. 1 full cord of cut split firewood


Winchester Mod. 94, 32 Win. Special lever action w/ scope (purchased new in 1955 by Roger) #2021686

Remington Mod. 742 Woodsmaster, 30-06 autoload w/scope #7002578


Several chain saws & gas engines

Pipe threaders

Mobile home axles

Utility trailer frame

Cement mixer

2-person fiberglass pedal boat

Etc. etc.

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