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Saturday, May 14th 2016 @ 10:00AM

LOCATION: 1485 10 Mile Rd. Comstock Park, MI 49321

DIRECTIONS: North of Grand Rapids or south of Big Rapids on US-131 to the Rockford exit #97 (10 Mile Rd), west 1 ½ miles to home. (Kent Co.)

Having collected, restored and shown hit & miss engines, petroliana and the 1929 Reo automobile for over 40 years, we have decided to pursue other interests; therefore we have commissioned Art Smith Auctioneers to conduct a Live Public Auction at our home.

 We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our Auction and thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Sam and Gloria Riblet

TERMS: Cash or good check day of Auction. MasterCard or VISA with 3% service fee. Sellers or Auctioneers are not responsible for accidents or items once sold.

INSPECTION: with registration available Friday, May 13th 2:00PM-6:00PM

NOTE: Most engines have been restored, painted, mounted on new hardwood skid or spoke steel wheel cart. The Reo is in very nice condition along with the gas station collectibles. This Auction is well worth you special attention. Make plans now to be just 10 miles north of Grand Rapids and attend this most interesting Live Public Auction!


10:00AM: Shop & Small Collectibles

Approx. 11:00AM: Gas Engines followed by Auto and Petroliana

Possible other rings.


1929 Reo, “Flying Cloud” Standard Sedan Mod. B-2: flat head straight 6 engine, 3sp. manual, original interior w/custom steering wheel, 200 miles on new  600-650X18” tires and tubes with spare, wood spoke wheel, 55,000 original miles, Matching 1929 MI licenses plates # 1-014-183, extra front left fender, VIN # 16E22993. Comes with 1929 Reo owner’s manual & advertising literature. Family owned for over 40 years and always kept in the garage, nice!

REO Motors Co. Stock

REO hood ornaments

REO auto parts


TOKHEIN double clock face gas pump #403992 w/hose, brass nozzle, small side visible gas flow tube & MAGNOLIA GAS globe (restored)

FRY Mod. 17 visible gas pump #9927 w/hose & brass nozzle, porcelain FRY sign & HUMBLE globe (restored)

GILBERT Mod. 10 visible gas pump #25757 w/porcelain sign, hose, nozzle & DIHO globe (restored)

10 gal. visible gas pump w/hose & brass nozzle (no identification)

CORRECT MEASURE CO.  Mod. 10 visible gas pump #91501 w/hose, brass nozzle & SINCLARE globe (restored)

CORRECT MEASURE CO. visible gas pump #13540 w/GROWN GLOBE original condition (this one set in the driveway, outdoors)

Visible gas pump, hose & brass nozzle (no identification)


Porcelain double sided MOBILOIL GARGOYLE sign iron stand w/GARGOYLE cast iron base & cast iron frame

TEXACO oil drum w/visible hand crank pump

GILBERT & BAKER oil drum w/visible hand crank pump

Porcelain double sided MOBILOIL PEGASUS HORSE sign on post w/base & cast iron frame

TEXACO glass pump globe w/glass frame

(2) CROWN glass pump globes

Porcelain TEXACO double sided wall mount sign

Porcelain SOCONY double sided sign

(2) MOBILGAS Pegasus Horse glass globes w/glass frames


Porcelain ETHYL sign

Porcelain FLYING A GASOLINE sign

Porcelain MOBILOIL E sign

Porcelain PURE-PEP sign




Several porcelain MOBILGAS PEGASUS HORSE signs, large & small

Several porcelain SKY CHIEF GASOLINE signs

48” PEGASUS HORSE plastic wall sign w/frame and backlight

Several porcelain GULF signs





Many other signs!!!

MAILPOUCH chewing tobacco adv. thermometer 38” high

STANDARD OIL adv. thermometer

Pegasus horse metal decal

Square GULF OIL box w/hand pump

PENNZOIL oil display

FIRESTONE rubber tire ash tray

SINCLAIR 5gl. Oil can

Square oil tank w/hand pump

(2) Wire oil jar carriers

(4) Crank oil drum pumps

(4) Jerry cans

Split rim tire repair tools

Parts chest

Steering wheels

Ford Model A tool kit book & tools

Standard Oil oil box w/pump

Brass globe pump inserts

6V auto horn

Standard Oil drum w/hand pump

Morrison Bros. hand pump

Mobil Oil tank w/hand pump

Oil jars

Spark plug collection, some in boxes

Champion Spark Plug adv. items

30” plastic AC adv. spark plug

Brooking Copper oil can

Ford wood coils

Madison-Kipp oil pump

Assortment of hood ornaments

TEXACO OIL set of 14 glass tubes (used for comparing oil)

Framed 1931 Goodyear Zeppelin print

PACKARD adv. thermometer 39” high

Collection of hub caps

Auto garage air compressor

(2) Mechanical auto floor jacks

Lots of auto related collectibles!!!


Restored orchard sprayer on spoke steel wheel running gears w/Friend #DX8806 gas motor & pump w/original wood tank (rear axle runs thru the wood tank)

Restored orchard sprayer on spoke steel wheel running gears w/wood tank, 3 piston Meyers pump & IHC 1 ½ hp, 18”double flywheel w/belt pulley gas engine #W38870


Small upright stationary steam engine, 12 ¼” flywheel & 10” belt pulley

NOVO #337299 engine w/NOVO Diaphragm mud pump Mod. A-D-4, # P23425, on spoke steel wheel cart

NOVO 2hp, # 53289, db. 15” flywheel on skid

NOVO 6hp, # 89219, db. 24” flywheel w/belt pulley on cart

NOVO 3hp, # 46908, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on NOVO cart

NOVO 1 ½ hp, db. 15” flywheel on skid w/factory cart

Stover 2 hp, # KA195386, db. 17” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid

Associated “The Chore Boy” 1 ½ hp # 30540, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid (water cooled)

Associated “The Chore Boy” # 317D, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid (air cooled w/fan)

Economy 3 hp, # 307810, db. 22” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

Economy 5hp, # 325183, db. 24”  flywheel & Webster Tri-Polar Oscillator on spoke steel wheel cart

Economy 1 ½ hp,  #29520, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid

Economy 2hp, # 319477, db. 16” flywheel on skid

Economy 2hp, # 29051, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley, on skid

Economy 2hp, # 26692, db. 22” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

Economy 3hp, # 275178, db. 22” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid

IHC “Famous” 3hp, #LA5269, db. 26” flywheel w/belt pulley & water cooling screen on skid

IHC 1hp, Mogul Engine # 1960, db. 17” flywheel on spoke steel wheel cart

IHC 3 hp, # BW29681, db. 21” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

IHC 1 ½ hp, # W37724, db. 18” flywheel w/V-belt & flat pulley

IHC 6hp, # 26031, db. 28” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

IHC 1 ½ hp, # 31947, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid

IHC 1 ½-2 ½ hp, # LBA99934, 14 ½” single flywheel w/belt pulley & pump jack on cart

New Way 18” flywheel gas engine

New Way 3-3 ½ hp, Mod. A, # 2878, type C, db. 20” flywheel w/belt pulley & cooling fan

New-Way db. 18” flywheel w/cooling fan on skid

Hurculese 5hp, # 224403 db. flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

Fairbanks-Morse Mod.Z,  1 ½ hp # 675217, 17” db. flywheel, on spoke steel wheel cart

Fairbanks-Morse “Eclipse” single 14” flywheel w/belt pulley, w/pump jack

Fairbank-Morse 32Volt electric plant on spoke steel wheel cart

Witte 3hp, # 1980, db. 19” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

Fuller-Johnson 1 ½ hp, single 15” flywheel water pump engine complete w/gear drive pump jack & pump on cart

Fairfield 4 ½ hp, # 0164, single 14” flywheel w/clutch belt pulley, water cooling screen on skid

Domestic 4hp, # 28856, 24” db. flywheel, w/gear reducer & 4” Domestic water pump on spoke steel wheel cart

Domestic 2hp, # 27836, db. 18” flywheel on skid

Galloway 2 ½ hp, # 6732, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

Fuller-Johnson 1 ½ hp, # 90945, db. 17” flywheel on skid

Ingeco 4hp, # 21635, type W, db. 23 ½ “ flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

United 1 ½ hp, # 42847, Type F, db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley on spoke steel wheel cart

Ingersole-Rand 4X4, # 48975, db. 18” flywheel on spoke steel wheel cart

Monarch 1 ½ hp, # 7143, Mod. N, db. 16” flywheel on spoke steel wheel cart

Monitor 1 ½ hp #37219 db. 17 ½” flywheel w/pump jack and hand water pump on skid

Cushman 4-6hp, # A48465, single 14” flywheel & chain sprocket (Hardie 3 cyl. orchard spryer pump, Most likely matches the Cushman)

Delco-Light “Dependable” 32V generator w/visible valve engine

Montgomery-Ward Mod. E-2, # J4299, kick start w/6V generator on skid

Maytag twin cylinder kick start on skid

Half-A-Horse gas engine

Ideal Mod. V gas engine on skid

The Ottawa 4hp, # T.E. 5885 flywheel engine w/5’ draw on folding wheel cart

(5) Maytag kick start single cylinder gas engines on skids

Johnson “UTILIMOTOR” single cylinder kick start engine

(3) B & S Mod. F.H. gas engines, one kick start

Iron Horse 5/8 hp kick start gas engine

Lauson # 826, type TLM gas engine

Maytag 2 cylinder kick start gas engine

Db. 12” flywheel air cooled engine w/fan on skid

Titan db. 16” flywheel w/belt pulley on skid

B & S kick start gas engine

Clinton gas engine w/gear forward & reverse

Clinton gas engine w/6-1 reduction gear box

(2) Associated ¾ hp gas engines

Clinton gas engine

Reo gas engine

Iron Horse # 512 kick start gas engine

1959 Wisconsin Mod. AENLD # 5949239, 4 ½ hp gas engine w/Gorman-Rupp pump w/3” inlet

Homelite single cylinder gas trash pump

Several gear reducers

Many spoke steel wheel engine cart wheels & axels

Rough cut oak planks, (used for making engine carts)

Many small engine parts, B&S, Maytag etc. etc.

Engine pulleys


Collection of approx. 100 brass oilers from very small to 5 ½”, (pump, lever, drip & crank oilers) double & mechanical most mounted on oak stands, nice collection!

Several working line shafts (4 up & running) 8’, 10’

6’X3’ factory cart on spoke steel wheels

Several engine carts

Red Jacket hand water pump w/pump jack on spoke steel wheel cart

Cast iron air blower

(4) 8-quart motor oil jar carrier w/Sunoco oil jars

Several Black Hawk hand corn shellers

Hand operated spray pump

Line shaft parts & hangers

Air compressor w/coaster pulley, flat or V-belt

Small “Dentist Office” air compressor

Wood tub washing machine w/Anchor wringer

1955 Gilson Mod. SG-8 “Kutup” stalk chopper on cart w/elect. motor (Made in Oostburg, Wis.)

Lentz #80, mixed Feed maker on cart (Made for John Deere)

Lentz #10 grist mill

F.E. Meyers Bros. 2” piston water pump on spoke steel wheel cart

Gould 3X5 #30613 flat belt water pump

USACO #5774, 2-cylinder air compressor w/18” pulley

F&W water pump w/16” pulley

Several water-ram pumps

Steam engine governor

Globe air compressor

Maytag exhaust pipe

IHC tool box

Large wood belt pulleys

Nelson Bros. pump jack

Several other pump jacks

Jensen #60-398, “Horse-head” oil pump jack

Challenge pump jack

F.E. Myers Bros. pump jack w/24” pulley

Cleveland Stone Co. #500, 21” west stone w/belt pulley

F.E. Myers hand pump w/pump jack

Maytag #428418M, wringer washer w/Maytag kick start single cylinder gas engine

Many spoke steel wheels

Pyrex glass acetylene generator

Maytag wringer washer w/elect. motor

Washtub w/Lovell hand wringer

IHC tool box w/IHC oil can

ECLIPSE poured babbit lead melter

Several flat belt gear reducers

Starr #3 forage blower

2-piston orchard sprayer pump

IHC cream separator, hand crank or belt drive

Goulds heavy deep well pump jack

Several buzz saw blades

F&W 2 ½ X 4 piston pump w/elect. motor

(2) Brass fire extinguishers

(2) Wood drum crank butter churns on stands

Vintage surveyors telescope w/tripod

(25) Wood pulleys of assorted sizes w/line shaft inserts

Blacksmith forge w/blower & tools

Leg vise

Cross cut saws

Beam drill

Wood barn pulleys

Anchor wringer

Piston water pumps

Unique handmade wind-up toy steam traction engine (22” long X 14” high)

Flat belt pulleys

Hocking Valley floor model hand corn sheller

(2) Corn sheller flywheels

Quantity of OAKUM

34v light bulbs

Water pump handles

Kerosene barn lanterns


Hand operated gear driven mettle roller

Howe platform scales

Maytag oil can

J.D. PTO air pump

(2) Flat belt crimpers

Selection of tractor, engine, pump, steam engine & auto manuals

Boxes of Gas Engine, Farm Collector, Old Farm, Engineers & Engine, Old Allis News & Antique Gas Engine & Tractor magazines

Auto & Truck sales literature

Fairbanks platform scales

Magneto tester

Magneto charger

Hand crank post drill

Miniature generator

Jensen toy steam engine

Weeden toy steam engine

Lanyard scales

(2) F.E. Myers Bros. hay trollies-unloaders

Steel pulleys

Collection of wrenches

Round engine mufflers

Maytag oil can

Sediment bulbs

Brass drum valves

Fairbanks 200lb. platform scales

Woodsman pump jack

Deming hand operated water pump for steam engine

Small grist mill

Unusual 7’ & 4’ lawn sprinklers on spoke steel wheels (made in Muskegon, MI)

Other walking sprinklers

Toy visible 4-cylinder auto engine

Auto charcoal foot warmer

Four wheel peddle buggy

Wood juice press

(3) Brass tube pitcher pumps

Several kerosene cans

Ammo boxes

Produce balance scales

Battery-op single cylinder diesel cut-out display

Radio Flyer youth wagon

(2) Foot operated power wheels

Steel wheel hand truck

Delco-Light Plant adv. display

Traffic light

“Junior” db. piston air compressor w/ ½ hp  Emerald elect. motor on spoke steel wheel cart

(5) Large display cases


16’ tandem axle trailer w/ramps

46 ½” X 94 ½” utility trailer


1949 Allis Chalmers Mod. G, 6X30” tires,  #G15242


Craftsman metal lathe Mod. 109-20630, 16” bed & 4 jaw chuck w/instruction book

Wood lathe w/29” bed

Atlas 4” Mod. 9350 planer/jointer

Sawmaster Mod. 3114 power hack saw on wheels

18” jig saw

Parts cleaning tank

Rockwell Mod. 313, 13” wood plainer w/vacuum

Horz. tank air compressor, 220 Volt

Combination floor safe 18”X18”X29” high

10” grinder/wire wheel on pedestal

40’ of Rapistan roller conveyer

(3) sections of industrial scaffolding w/top rail and wheels

4’X8’X12’ high pallet racking

3 ½’X16’X8’ high pallet racking

2 ½’X8’X10’ high pallet racking

1-ton chain fall

4” X 10’4” I beam

I beam trolley

Pipe die set

Pipe vise on stand

Chain pipe wrench

Pipe cutter



4’ curved mirror

Misc. tires

Furnace fans

Lawn roller

Ladder jacks & pic

2-ton chain fall

Engine stand

Portable air compressor

Misc. lumber

Wheel barrow tires, new

Castor wheels

Chain binders


6 Volt wind generator w/wood 6’ prop

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