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Saturday, June 16th 2018 @ 10:00 AM

LOCATION: On site at house 2131 North Victory Corner Rd. Ludington, MI 49431

DIRECTIONS: From Grand Rapids take M-37 North 47 miles to US-10 (4 miles North of Baldwin), West 24 miles (3 miles West of Scottville) to Stiles Rd, North 1 ½ miles to Hansen Rd, West 1 mile to Victory Corner Rd,  North ½ mile. OR 5 miles East of Ludington on US-10 to Stiles Rd,  North 1 ½ mile to Hanson Rd, West 1 mile to Victory Corner Rd, North ½ mile. OR South of Manistee 12 miles on US-31 to Fountain Rd, West 3 miles to Victory Corner Rd, south 4 ½ mile. (Mason Co.)

TERMS: Cash or good check day of Auction. Master Card or VISA with 5% service fee. We subscribe to Pay-Tec, (A NATIONAL CHECK COLLECTION COMPANY)

After collecting engines and farm primitives for over 60 years and reaching the age of 90, but mostly due to the death of my dear wife Betty, I have decided on a major downsizing.  Therefore I have hired Art Smith Auctioneers to conduct a Live On-site Public Auction to sell to the highest bidder my engine and tractor collection plus 100’s of other items from around my place. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to my Auction and thank you in advance for your attendance and participation.

Very best regards, Charles (Chuck) F. Hargreaves

NOTE: The barns and sheds are FULL! There will be many surprises once we get to getting things out and organized. The 40 or so hit & miss engines are in various conditions from parts & project units to restored. (Chuck may add a few more engines, check web site for updates closer to Auction date) We did the best we could with photos & descriptions, but they were packed in so tight that good photos were impossible. There are approximately 35 walk behind garden tractor of several makes. The 3 CENTAUR steel wheel tractors will make someone a great restoration project. Dozens of small engines, engine parts, antique, collectibles and farm primitives make this an Auction worth attending. Make plans to be just East of Ludington on Victory Corner Rd. on Sat. Morning June 16 @ 10 AM for the start of this interesting 2 ring auction!

Off street parking, lunch truck and port-a-jons for on-site your convenience.


In various conditions from parts/project units to fully restored

The Jumbo Mod. F, 7hp, db. 36 ½” flywheel hit & miss #K3598, on truck

Stover 2 Type CT2, 2 ½hp, db. 17” flywheel hit & miss w/belt pulley

John Deere db. 18” flywheel hit & miss

White 2hp, db. 16” flywheel hit & miss

Large New Way air cooled upright db. 22” flywheel hit & miss w/belt pulley

Alamo Blue Line Type A 2 ½ hp, db. 20” flywheel hit & miss

Flint & Walling db. 16” flywheel hit & miss

Fairbank-Morse 3hp, db. 22” flywheel hit & miss

Fairbank-Morse db. 22” flywheel hit & miss

Monarch db. flywheel hit & miss

Shore Boy 1 ¾ hp db. 18” flywheel hit & miss

1 ½ hp, db. flywheel hit & miss w/belt pulley

Db. 16” flywheel hit & miss

Db. 18” flywheel hit & miss

Db. 19” flywheel hit & miss

Db. 23” flywheel hit & miss w/belt pulley

Db. 24” flywheels hit & miss

Several hit & miss for parts or projects

Hit & miss muffler

Field Brundidge Field Type W, 5hp, db. 30” flywheel w/belt pulley (made in Jackson, MI)

Fuller & Johnson 1 ½ hp, db. 16” flywheel on truck w/Fairbanks Morse Home-Light Plant generator on truck

Fairbanks Morse 1 ½ hp Mod. Z db. 17” flywheel power plant, air-water cooler

Witte 3pm db. 17” flywheel w/belt pulley

New Way db. 12” flywheel engine

Fuller & Johnson Mod. ND, db. 15” flywheel w/belt pulley

Fairbank-Morse Eclipse 1hp upright engine

Leroy 2 cyl. stationary power unit

Economy 5hp, db. 27” flywheel #285319

New Way upright, air cooled engine

White 2hp, db. 16” flywheel

McCormick Deering db. 21” flywheel w/belt pulley

McCormick Deering db. 20” flywheel w/belt pulley

Waterloo Boy db. 18” flywheel w/belt pulley

Witte 3hp, db. 25” flywheel w/belt pulley hit & miss

Cushman 1 ½ hp, db. 13” flywheel engine on truck

Cushman 2hp, db. 13” flywheel w/belt pulley on truck

Empire 2 ½ hp, db. 20” flywheel w/belt pulley

IHC gas engine

Fairbanks –Morse Mod. Z 1 ½ hp, db., 17” flywheel w/belt pulley on truck

Ottawa Log Saw db. 16” flywheel w/belt pulley

Leroy Mod. M-3, 2 cyl. power unit

Blufton db. 18” flywheel air cooled w/belt pulley

3hp, db. 22” flywheel w/belt pulley

Casey Jones RR cart engine, air cooled

(2) Wisconsin 2 cyl. engines

Dozens of B & S & other large & small gas engines


(3) PAGE  walk behind garden tractors

(2) Standard Walsh Mod. D

Red – E

Planet Jr.

Several steel wheeled walk behind garden tractors

1 wheel walk behind garden tractor

Cyclone walk behind garden tractor

Bolens Huskie walk behind garden tractor

Gravely single front wheel drive steel wheel garden tractor

Bolens Versa-Matic walk behind garden tractor w/front blade

David Bradley walk behind garden tractor

Garden-All walk behind garden tractor

Several sulkies & attachments


Etc. etc.


Extra large amount of general household items, all boxed up in garage unable to list or photo!

Rechargeable flashlight

Tupper ware


Coffee table

Pots & pans

Christmas decorations

Pressure cooker


Sm. kitchen appliances

Console stereo

Pedestal lamp tables

Several dressers


There is a 10’X10’ shed full of furniture we could not see!!

Round OAK pedestal table w/chairs

Several nice OAK rockers

OAK youth rocker

Victrola crank record player

Treadle sewing machine

F.E.C. RY kerosene lantern

Helms scene w/deer

Sears Two Ton peddle tractor

Red peddle tractor

Blue Coleman single mantel gas lantern

Coleman gas lamp

Copper boiler


Crank butter churn

JD Mod. 9400 toy tractor

Dazie #40 crank butter churn

Sev. other sandbox toys

Hump back trunks

Glanti Bros. Artist DeLuxe accordion in case, very nice

Oil lamps

Several milk cans

Tie pumps

Engine oilers

Green & pink Depression glass


Punch bowl set



Hard cover books

Wicker baskets

Columbia silver tea pot & sugar

Carom boards

Mantle clocks

Collectible glassware & figurines

Platform scales

Sev. cross cut saws

Pitcher pumps

Steel wheels

Wash tubs

Reel mowers


Several kerosene barn lanterns

Buck saws

Deep well hand pump

Flat belt grist mill

Wash board

10pt. antlers w/rusty MI 1947 metal tag

Pennzoil 30 gal drum

Leg vise

Buzz saw blades

Victorian picture frames

(2) Anchor wash tub stands w/hand wringers

Hand crank ice crusher

Brass blow torch

Kerosene cans

Youth snow sleds

(3) Hand corn planters

Ice tongs

Cultivator wood handles

Lead ladle

Push cultivator

Large wood pulley block & tackle

Steel wheels

Letz grist mill

Walking plow

(2) Pump jacks

#10 Ensilage & Fodder Cutter Pat. 1889

Farm primitives

Etc. etc. MUCH TO UNCOVER!!!


Stihl 032 AV chain saw

Stihl 012 AV chain saw

Sand blaster cabinet

Lincoln 225 arc welder


Mantis rototiller


Wheel Horse Mod. GT1100 lawn tractor

Wheel Horse Mod. GT 1600 garden tractor w/rear rototiller

63” X 10’ 2” utility trailer

Horse shoes

Coleman catalytic heater


4 cylinder engine heads

Sand blaster

Turkey decoys

10hp Johnson outboard motor

Deer antlers



Camping gear, tents etc.

Line trimmer

Furnace fan

Garden tractor tires

Tree stands

Snapper lawn mower

Horizontal band saw

Several 1 bottom garden tractor plows

Heavy duty winch

Chain fall

Tripod pipe vise

Number stamping set in wood box

Box trap

Cant hook

Table saw

Flat endless drive belt, (no joint)

Stainless steel items

Welding table

Tractor snow plow fits Avery tractor

(3) Mobile home axles

Construction steel


Glenfield Mod. 60, .22 autoload w/scope #72232974

Wedgeway Arms 12ga. single shot w/hammer #552

Remington Mod. 11-48, 12ga. autoload #5063267

Thompson Center 54 cal. muzzle loader

Springfield Mod. 67-F 12ga. pump

Compound bow


(3) CENTAUR steel wheeled tractors, 2 without engines

Sears Mod. 917-5154 tractor, WF #1197


Extra nice 10’X10 hip roofed shed w/wood floor

8’X12’ building w/one open end

Very nice 10’X13’ metal sided building w/wood floor


Little Gem 15’ pull camper (made in Grand Rapids by Schiebout)

Wilderness 15’ deer hunter special pull camper


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