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Saturday, May 11th 2019 @ 10:00AM

LOCATION: On the farm at 10209 6 Mile Rd. Rockford, MI 49341

DIRECTIONS: From Grand Rapids take US-131 north to the West River Dr. exit # 91, east 13 miles (turns into Cannonsburg Rd.) to Gavin Lake Ave. north 1 mile to 6 Mile Road, west ½ mile. OR south of Big Rapids un US-131 35 miles to Greenville/M-57 exit # 101, east 9 miles to Wabasis Lake Ave., south 6 miles to M-44, west ¼ mile to Gavin Lake Ave. south 2 miles to 6 Mile Road, west ½ mile. OR north of Lowell on Lincoln Lake Ave. 8 miles to 5 Mile Road, west 3 miles to Gavin Lake Ave. north 1 mile to 6 Mile Road west ½ mile. (Kent Co.)

Due to changing focus in our tractor collecting hobby and to free up building space for a new tractor & equipment work shop, we have decided to sell part of our tractor collection and related equipment. We appreciate you considering attending our Auction and look forward to seeing you on the 11th of May!

Very best regards, Kevin & Tammy Petersen

AUCTION ORDER: to be updated

SIMULCAST BIDDING: Live internet bidding will be available for the tractors & equipment. Links will be posted 2 weeks before Auction.

PRE-AUCTION INSPECTION:  Friday, May 10th 3:00-6:00PM. Owner will be on-site to answer any questions.  Tractors will be running Saturday 9:15AM- 9:45AM, then shut down for the remainder of Auction.

SPECIAL NOTE: Loader tractors and Up to 2 weeks of on-site indoor tractor storage available.

TERMS: Register for Buyers Number with photo I.D. Cash or good check day of Auction. MasterCard of Visa with 5% service fee. We subscribe to Check Alert Inc. Nothing to be removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents or items once sold.

Lunch wagon, Port-a-jons and wash-up station available for your convenience

More items to be added, be sure to check back over the next few months.


1. Early 1940’s John Deere Mod. L, WF, 7.50X22” tires, belt pulley, new paint, fenders, crank start, #NA

2. 1941 John Deere Mod. BR, WF, fenders, new front tires, PTO, Spoke wheels, 11X26” tires, flywheel start, #332185

3. 1945 John Deere Mod. AR/AO, WF, fenders, 13X26” tires, flywheel start, #265223

4. 1948 Farmall Mod. Cub, WF, fenders, NEW 8.3X24” tires, NEW paint, wheel weights, #53871

5. 1952 Case Mod. VAI, WF, fenders, 11.2X24” tires, NEW paint, #5658869

6. 1947 Case Mod. VAO, WF, orchard fenders, NEW paint, NEW seat, #5153404

7. 1966 Case Mod. 830 Comfort King, gas, WF, 18.4X34” tires, #8285117

8. 1941 Farmall Mod. AV, High-Crop, Culti-Vision, WF, fenders, 9.5X36” tires, NEW paint, rear belt pulley, #62415

9. 1935 Case Mod. L Thrashermans Special, WF, NEW paint, NEW front tires, NEW 14.9X28” tires, fenders, crank start, #308892

10. 1949 Case Mod. S, WF, fenders, NEW paint, 13.6X26” tires, #5300609

11. 1967 Allis Chalmers Mod. D-12 Series 3, High-Crop, WF, fenders, 3pt., remote hyd., high-low transmission, #9946

12. Allis Chalmers Mod. D-10, WF, fenders, 11.2X24” tires, snap coupler, rear belt pulley, #2197

13. 1941 Case Mod. VC, NF, fenders, 9.5X32” tires, belt pulley, #4519583

14. 1939 Case Mod. RC, sunburst front grill, NF, fenders, belt pulley, NEW 11.2X36” tires, crank start, NEW paint, NEW front tires, #NA

15. 1965 Case Mod. 930 Comfort King, gas, Draft-o-Matic, WF, power steering, wheel weights, 18.4X34” tires, #8271288

16. 1958 John Deere Mod. 620 LP Gas, WF, factory 3pt. w/top link, 14.9X38” tires, Square front axle, power steering, wheel weights, clam fenders, #6218280

17. 1947 Case Mod. VAC, NF, fenders, 11.2X28” tires, Eagle Hitch, belt pulley, #5150635

18. 1948 Case Mod. VAH High-Crop, WF, fenders, 9.5X36” tires, #5261695

19. 1938 Allis Chalmers Mod. WF, unstyled, WF, 12.4X34” tires, round fenders, NEW paint, #433

20. 1938 Case Mod. RC, unstyled, NF, fenders, crank start, NEW paint, 12.4X36” tires, belt pulley, #4228748

21. 1956 Case Mod. DC, NF, fenders, Eagle Hitch, remote hyd. belt pulley, 13.6X38” tires, #6611037

22. 1951 Case Mod. DC-4, WF, fenders, remote hyd., 12.4X38” tires, #5514134

23. 1951 Case Mod. D-O, WF, fenders, belt pulley, 14.9X26” tires, #5509542

24. 1957 Farmall Mod. 230, NF, power lift, fenders, wheel weights, 11.2X36” tires, 2pt fast hitch, #1000J

25. 1955 Farmall Mod. 200, WF, 11.2X36” tires, wheel weights, fenders, 2pt fast hitch, #6487

26. 1952 Case Mod. VAC-14, WF, NEW 12.4X28” tires, wheel weights, belt pulley, Eagle Hitch, #5755647

27. 1955 Case Mod. 400, diesel, WF, fenders, 16.9X30” tires, remote hyd., #8062778

28. 1963 Case Mod. 930 Comfort King 940 Wheatland, LP gas, 18.4X34” tires, dual remote hyd., no PTO, #8201002


Case 1bt rope trip plow on steel

Case Centennial 2bt plow on rubber

1bt plow on rubber

12’ 3-section drag

5’ disk

9’ disk

Case 2bt Eagle Hitch plow

Case 3bt Eagle Hitch plow

Ferguson 3pt 2bt plow

John Deere 3pt 2bt plow

Farmall Cub 1bt plow

Farmall Cub mid or front mount snow blade

No. 100 8’ fast hitch balanced head sickle mower

John Deere L 1bt plow

Case fast hitch 8’ disc

Fast hitch 2bt plow

Fast hitch shop built hyd. blade

Fast hitch 6’ back blade

John Deere L front & rear weights

John Deere L mounted cultivators

Farmall Cub swinging draw bar

Farmall Cub cultivator parts

Allis Chalmers B draw bar

Allis Chalmers RC belt pulley

Allis Chalmers B or C 1bt plow w/hardware

Allis Chalmers B or C 6’ mounted sickle mower w/hardware

Case front wheel weights

Case 830 cultivator frames

There will be a few farm toys as well!

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