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Date: Thursday, April 9th 2015 @ 9:00AM
Location: 5940 Baseline Rd. Fremont, MI 49412

1970 John Deere Mod. 4020 diesel, syncro-range, side console, 3pt., WF, duel hyd., wheel weight, front weights, PS, 18.4X34” original tires & paint, 540/1000 PTO, . 1676 hr. on meter, 2nd. owner, 95 HP, Ser. # 237930R
1970 John Deere Mod. 3020 diesel, syncro-range, side console, 3pt., WF, duel hyd., wheel weight, front weights, PS, 18.4X38” tires, original paint, roll bar with canopy, PS, 540/1000PTO, 5400 hours on meter, 71 HP, Ser. # 135610R
1971 John Deere Mod. 4020 diesel, syncro-range, long shifter, high manifold, 3pt., WF, duel hyd., 18.4X34” “Super All-Traction” tires, original paint, PS 540/1000 PTO, 2nd. owner, 4450 hours on meter, 95 HP, Ser. # 259079R
1971 John Deere Mod. 2520 diesel, syncro-range, long shifter, NF, PS, 3pt., single hyd. 15.5X38” tires, original paint, 540/1000 PTO, 6150 hours on meter, 61 HP, Ser. # 22130R
1967 John Deere Mod. 3020 diesel, syncro-range, WF, 3pt., PS, single hyd., 540/1000 PTO, 18.4X34” tires, front weights, wheel weights, original paint, 2nd. owner, 5156 hours on meter, 71 HP, Ser. # 100027
1971 John Deere Mod. 4320 diesel, syncro-range, side console, WF, 3pt., PS, duel hyd., 18.4X38” tires with cast duels, front weights, 540/1000 PTO, with Roll-Guard Cab with heat, new paint, 5872 hours on meter, 116 HP, Ser. # 13128
1967 John Deere Mod. 4020 diesel, syncro-range, WF, 3pt. PS, 23.1X30” tires, original paint, single hyd., 540/1000 PTO, hours N/A, 95 HP, Ser. # 158752
1959 John Deere Mod. 630 gas, WF, fenders, JD 3pt. with 3dr. arm, remote hyd,13.6X38” tires, PS, square adjustable front axle, 4424 hours on meter, 49 HP, Ser. E 6312340
1970 JD 4020 diesel instrument panel
1970 JD 3020 diesel instrument panel
1971 JD 4020 diesel instrument panel
1971 JD 2520 diesel instrument panel
1967 JD 3020 diesel instrument panel
1971 JD 4320 diesel instrument panel
1967 JD 4020 diesel instrument panel
1959 JD 630 gas instrument panel
1953 John Deere Mod. 50 gas, NF, clam fenders, 31 HP, Ser. # 5009746
IHC Mod. 2500 diesel, Series A industrial, backhoe/loader, WF, PS, 14.9X28” tires, IHC # 3050 loader & IHC # 3141 backhoe, front weights, 2800 hours on meter, (weak clutch, needs wiring harness)
Case # 1840 diesel skid steer with bucket, original tires, approx. 1000 hours
John Deere # 458 Mega Wide Plus “Silage Special” round baler with net/twine rap, 5’X4’ bale, Ser. # 1E00458SJAA360510, like new, 1 owner (268 bales made)
John Deere # 338 baler with JD # 42 ejector, Ser. # E00338X988172 (1 owner)
Taylor-Way # TP-4000 tandem axle hyd. dump trailer (dumps out back, left or right side with folding sides)
Gehl 960 Chopper Box on tandem Gehl gear
Galvanized Flare box on JD 953 gear w/hoist
Willmar # UT57, 5-ton Stainless Steel fertilizer gravity box with 8’ hyd. auger on John Deere # 953 running gears with flotation tires
Brillion 12 transport “OPTIMIZER” with hyd. cyl. Ser. # 192405 (1 owner)
(2) J & M # 385 SD gravity boxes with extensions, on J & M 13 ton running gears & 11X20” military tires (1 owner)
John Deere # 8200, 18 hole single disc grain drill with seeder, Ser. # 022576
John Deere # 210, 14’ “Spring Cushion” wheel disc with 20” blades
3pt. Howard # HR-40, 8’ “ROTAVATOR”
3pt. JD # 155 10’ heavy duty back blade with hyd. angle & tilt
GEHL # 760 chopper with hay head & 1 row corn head Ser. # 5716
GEHL # 99 silo blower, 540 PTO
3pt hitch, fits JD A,B,G,50,60,70
Gehl 1 row cornhead
GEHL # FB-85 “Hi-Throw” silo blower with short table
GEHL “Hi-Throw” silo blower with short hopper
H & S 18’ kicker bale wagon on Knowles tandem axle running gears with flotation tires
H & S 18’ kicker bale wagon on JD # 953 running gears with flotation tires
McCurdy 150 bu. Gravity box on JD # 952 running gears & flotation tires
16’ X 6’ tandem axle trailer with ramps
4 ½’ X 8’ utility trailer
(2) John Deere # 10 side mount sickle mowers (1 for parts) (Fits 2 cyl. or 20 series JD)
John Deere 6bt. 16” on land plow
John Deere 2rw. front mount cultivators
John Deere 4rw. front mount cultivators
John Deere 4rw. front mount cultivators
GEHL # 188 2rw. 40” choppers
GEHL # 188 2rw. 40” chopper
GEHL # 188 1rw. chopper
3pt. JD # 22B sub soiler
3pt. JD semi-mounted 3bt. 16” plow
3pt. bale spear
3pt. Land Pride # LR-3596 land rake
3pt. Ford # 719 earth mover
3pt. Danuser post hole digger
3pt. rock hook
3pt. combine head mover
3pt. IHC 7 shaft # 11 V-Ripper sub-soiler
3pt. 6’ dump-scraper with heavy duty teeth
3pt. calf basket
Bobcat Quick-Tatch 5’ blade with hyd. angle
Quick-Tatch 6 ½’ snow blade (fits skid-steer)
6’ pull-type brush hog
(2) 16’ IHC drags
8’X25’X9’ truck van body (for storage)
John Deere double rake hitch
Shop-built heavy duty blade & back scraper (fits JD 630)
Shop-built heavy duty front snow blade (fits JD 630 WF)
Mayrath 14’X6” grain auger
9” silo pipe, several lengths (new)
United tandem running gears
JD 350 elevator with drag
JD 350 elevator with drag
Running gears
John Deere running gears with hay rack
My-D-Han-D cattle squeeze chute
Rolling job box
2-ton cherry picker hoist
Kohler 3500 watt water cooled generator- covered
Lincoln arc welder
Ingersoll Rand 5HP, 220 volt upright air compressor
220 Amp 3 phase air compressor
Ridgid tripod pipe vise (new)
(2) 35 ton Enerpac “Safe-T-Lite” hyd. jacks
12’X12’ “A” frame with chain fall
(2) 10 ton chain falls
(2) NEW 18.4X38” “Super All Traction” 23% 6 ply tractor tires on JD double bevel rims
Acetylene torch set with complete on cart
Uline banding machine with 3 new rolls of strap
Handyman jacks (new)
Acetylene torch set with complete on cart
(5) JD toolboxes with brackets
Weatherguard toolbox
Approx. 80 engineered floor joists 16”X18’
Mower sections & bolts (new)
1” torque wrench
Hydro-Pro PTO sprayer pump (new in box)
Elect. 1” impact wrench
50-compartment heavy duty folding shop cabinet
¾” drive torque wrench
Sev. hand carts
45-drawer shop cabinet
Rotating round parts bin
Cement mixer
Quantity of log chains & Chain binders
Block & tackle ¾” rope
16’X26’ heavy duty nylon net with hooks
Large quantity of log chain
Bulldog jacks
Small A frame on wheels
New turnbuckles
JD traveling sprinkler (new)
Several cant hooks
Keystone dehorners,(like new)
48” pipe wrenches
Snap-on & SK pullers
Several elect. motors up to 10HP
Heavy duty vises
Screw jacks
Milwaukee ¾” drill & HD gear pullers
Hand cylinders, 1 JD
Log tongs
Snap-On line wrench set
23.1x 26 combine tire, like new
(3) JD weights, fit A,B,G (2) JD Heavy duty Hubs, fit JD 95 Combine, Heavy Weight Bracket & extra weights, fits 4455
Suitcase weights - fat
(10) Thin Suitcase weights
(12) Rear Weights for Standard 2 cylinder, will also fit JD 50 - 730 & JD 3020-4020
(7) Rear Weights, fit JD 50 - 4320
(16) John Deere rear wheel weight (fits most Mod. 50- 4320)
(6) new hubs for JD 4430, 4240 & others
Front JD Bumper Guard
JD Rollguard Canopy, fits JD 3010-4320
JD 10-20 series PTO sheilds
JD 3020 & 4020 fenders
JD clam fenders (new)
JD battery holders
JD 3020 & 4020 side shields
JD PTO tire pump (collectible)
(15) JD high pressure & low pressure hyd. cylinders
JD front weights & cylinders
Various lengths of new in box hydraulic hoses
JD 4020 belt pully, JD rollamatic & JD cylinder head
Plow colters & moldboards
Bale spears
JD disc openers
Complete plow bottoms for F145 plow
24" post hole digger auger
Front PTO for JD lawn mower & other parts
Tractor tire chains
Misc plow parts
JD drag teeth
JD cultivator teeth
New flat chain
Heavy duty car ramps
Heavy duty car ramps
Pile of landscaping rocks
Grader blades
Assortment of short steel
Round bale hay rack (with no running gears)
Cattle oiler