Live Public Auction

1-Owner 65 Year Private Gun Collection

Thursday, October 15th 2015 @ 5:00PM

Doors open @ 3:00PM

LOCATION: A Cut Above Event Center 6080 Blue Star Highway Saugatuck, MI 49453

DIRECTIONS: Take I-196 8 miles south of Holland to the Blue Star Hwy exit #41, northeast 2 miles. (Allegan Co.)

NOTE: Folks, here is a fantastic opportunity to buy quality rifles and shotguns at Public Auction. The guns have been moved to the beautiful A Cut Above Event Center for your convenience. Gordon has always taken great care of his collection and this offering is no exception.

TERMS: 10% Buyer Premium. Cash or good check day of Auction. Master Card or VISA with 3% service fee. We subscribe to PAY-TEC (A NATIONAL CHECK COLLECTION COMPANY). Per ATF ruling, this being an estate-type auction a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is not needed in the transfer of this gun collection, i.e., a National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) will not be completed on gun buyers. You will need to register with a Michigan photo I.D.

After 65 years of gunsmithing, collecting guns and custom building rifles, I will be selling a portion my collection to the highest bidder. I welcome all to attend my Auction event.

Sincerely, Gordon Cunningham

1. Remington Mod. 510P Targetmaster .22LR bolt single w/factory peep sight #NA

2. British SMLE Enfield .303British bolt, sporterized #3759

3. Marlin Mod. 200 12ga single, 3”mod choke #KN107389

4. Springfield Mod. 84C .22LR bolt, mag feed #NA

5. Savage Sporter .22LR bolt, mag feed #116663

6. Winchester Mod. 1897 12ga pump w/hammer & 20” barrel

7. Springfield Mod. 67C 12ga 3” pump w/lam stock #B123094

8. Savage Mod. 110 30-06Sprg bolt w/Simmons 3-8var scope #F060734

9. Remington Mod. 552 Speedmaster .22LR autoload, tube feed w/Bushnell 3-9var scope #A996955

10. Winchester Mod. 25 12ga 2 ¾” pump, hammerless, full choke #43081

11. Winchester Mod. 02A .22 bolt single, youth model #NA

12. Winchester Mod. 67A .22 bolt single #NA

13. Savage Mod. 23A .22 bolt, mag feed #NA

14. Savage Mod. 110 7mm Rem Mag bolt w/lam stock #F084878

15. Remington Mod. 552 Speedmaster .22LR autoload, tube feed (shell defector removed) #A1670934

16. Western Arms 20ga side by side, double trigger #53288

17. Winchester Mod. 06 .22 pump, tube feed w/hammer #170741

18. Stevens Mod. 124 12ga autoload (stock repair) #NA

19. Remington Mod. 514 .22LR bolt, single #NA

20. Marlin Safety .38-40 lever w/hammer & hex barrel #31242

21. Winchester Mod. 800X .177 pellet rifle w/Powerline 3-9var scope & shop built silencer

22. Browning BPS Field Model 10ga 3 ¾” pump, engraved by Michael Collins w/extra choke tubes #20597NR192

23. Fox Mod. BSE 12ga side by side, single trigger #NA

24. Iver Johnson Champion 16ga single, full choke w/hammer #UUHI

25. Springfield Mod. 1917 30-06 bolt, sporterized w/walnut stock & Barska 3.9x50 scope #NA

26. Survival Arms AR-7 Explorer .22LR autoload survival rifle, mag feed #A313452

27. Remington Mod. 11-48 16ga 2 ¾” autoload #5563273

28. Savage Sporter .25-20 bolt, mag feed #60157

29. H&R Mod. 550 Pal .22LR bolt, single #4434

30. Swiss Vetterli .41Rimfire bolt, military rifle #160433

31. Savage Mod. 19 NRA .22LR bolt, mag feed w/Lyman sights & target barrel #62602

32. Daisy Mod. 2202 .22LR bolt, rotary mag feed (new in box) #AB0021049

33. Savage Mod. 111 .270Win bolt, mag feed w/synthetic stock & Weaver scope mounts #G80896

34. Savage Mod. 71 Stevens Favorite .22LR falling block w/octagon barrel (Joshua Stevens Father of .22 Hunting) #09819SF

35. Stevens Mod. 15A .22 bolt, single #NA

36. Mauser VZ24-47 8mm bolt w/sling #3548

37. Remington Mod. 552 Speedmaster .22LR autoload, tube feed w/Weaver scope #NA

38. Remington Mod. 31 20ga pump w/polly choke #502286

39. Remington Mod. 11 12ga autoload, Browning pat. #281806

40. Winchester Mod. 190 .22LR autoload, tube feed #468333

41. NEF Pardner SBI 20ga 3” single w/hammer exten #NH419994

42. Remington Nylon 66 .22LR autoload, butt stock feed #2163182

43. Enfield Mod. 1917 .303British bolt, sporterized w/3-9var scope #W73606

44. High Standard Mod. K121 Deluxe 12ga 2 ¾” pump #3032771

45. Savage Axis 30-06 bolt, mag feed w/synthetic stock #H289756

46. Winchester Mod. 47 .22LR bolt, single #NA

47. Iver Johnson Champion 12ga single, full choke w/hammer #3836XH

48. Winchester Mod. 37 Red Label 12ga single, full choke (early model w/small hammer) #NA

49. Mauser 1909 DWM 30-06 bolt. sporterized w/Simmons 4-12var scope #B10121

50. J.C. Higgins 12ga pump w/full camo #NA

51. H&R Handi Rifle .444Marlin single w/scope mount & trigger exten #CBA268434

52. Mauser VZ24 8mm bolt, sporterized w/walnut stock #89242

53. Baikal IZH18EMM 12ga 3”Mag single, vented rib w/Russian walnut stock #200117988

54. Remington Mod. 700 30-06 bolt w/scope mount #B6518004

55. FN 16ga autoload, polly choke, Browning pat. #22761

56. Savage Mod. 99 .300Savage lever #436375

57. Tikka Mod. T3 .243Win bolt, mag feed w/scope rings (in box) #H18685

58. Springfield M1 Garand 30-06 autoload w/leather sling #1481779

59. Remington Mod. 870 Wingmaster 12ga 2 ¾” pump, vented rib #760352V

60. Mossberg Mod. 320B .22LR bolt, single w/factory peep sight & leather sling #NA

61. Henry Arms Acu-Bolt .17HMR bolt, single SS w/synthetic stock & Henry scope #AB02159V

62. NEF SB2 Handi Rifle .243Win single Rocky Mountain Elk w/scope mount & hammer exten #NJ250310

63. Remington Mod. 550-1 .22LR autoload, tube feed w/Weaver scope #NA

64. Mauser Republica Del Paraguay 8mmx57 bolt, sporterized w/Williams peep sight #8795

65. Remington Mod. 760 Gamemaster 30-06Sprg pump, mag feed #7439094

66. Czech Republic Mod. CZ 512 .22 autoload, mag feed (new in box) #B415419

67. Savage Arms Mod. 24VA 20ga 3” / .223Rem over & under, trigger select #A215200

68. Hi-Point Mod. 995 9mm autoload carbine, mag feed w/BSA red dot scope #B90087

69. Ithaca Mod. 66 Super Single 12ga 3” lever, single #134757

70. Marlin Mod. 88 .22LR autoload, butt stock feed #NA

71. Universal M1 carbine .30cal autoload w/sling #94439

72. Italian Carcano 6.5mmx52 bolt, military carbine #NA

73. Mauser Chileno Mod. 1895 7.62mm bolt #D3004

74. Savage 12ga pump, full choke #13877

75. Winchester Mod. 94 30-30Win lever #3161253

76. Charles Daly Field Grade youth model .22LR bolt, single #A814772

77. A Rossi youth model .22 break action, single #SP285334

78. Remington Mod. 581S .22 bolt, mag feed #A1121094

79. Springfield Armory Mod. 1898 30-40Krag bolt, sporterized #444108

80. Ruger 10-22 .22LR autoload 50 Years 1954-2014 (new in box) #8229-106889

81. Getafrfabriken Otterup Danmark target rifle .22 bolt, single w/peep sight & bull barrel #58888